Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Apart from being my first post in the New Year, this also breaks my 3 months silence. I did not come near my blogger dashboard since I last updated it on October 19. I have now finished what was keeping me busy and am back to write lots of things like I’ve never written before.

I wish all my readers a happy new year and hope that this year will be the best in your lives. I have already started experiencing great things in this New Year even though there are some dark spots. As we were drawing close to 2009 and a few days in 2010, Karonga, a district Northern Malawi, experienced over 30 earthquakes which claimed 5 lives (as of 23rd January). The highest quake measured 6.2 on the Richter scale. We have also witnessed the earthquake in Haiti which has claimed lots of lives and left many more homeless.

Just like any African, I very much wanted to see this year 2010 and am glad to have stayed over 20 days in it. The fact that we are hosting the first ever football World Cup in this continent is enough to make a real African happy. In June this year all roads will lead to South Africa for the biggest soccer fiesta, the World Cup. I can’t wait to be part of this historical moment when all the soccer stars will be rubbing shoulders on the continent for the first time.

On the local scene we have lots of things to write about but one thing stands out. Malawi National football team, The Flames, qualified for the 2010 Orange African Cup of Nations currently being played in Angola. At the tournament the Flames beat World Cup bound, Algeria 3 – 0, lost to Angola 2 – 0 and Mali 3 - 1 before bowing out. Despite that they were booted out of the competition, I salute the Flames for making it to the tournament after 25 years (they last qualified in 1984).

2010 will be another interesting year in Malawi politics as we expect to see lots of fireworks from the different players. Now that the former President has finally retired from active politics UDF and its acting leader (president or chairman) Friday Jumbe, faces a new task of rebuilding the party. They were at least given a new year gift in winning a by-election in Machinga while the ruling, DPP won a seat in Lilongwe.

The first ever gay engagement in Malawi hit the headlines late last year and continues to draw comments from various quarters all over the world. Steven Monjeza (the groom) and Tiwonge Chimbalanga (bride) were arrested and their case is still going on at the Blantyre Magistrates Court. A lot is being said and the media coverage this story has attracted can only be likened to Madonna’s adoption of David and Mercy.

Lest I forget!! We are having presidential engangement on February 14 and wedding on 1 May this year. More details in my next post.

Hope we will be together and you will continue visiting this blog. Happy 2010!!!