Friday, December 30, 2011

Glad 2011 is going

This might be my last post of 2011. The year that is very difficult to analyse and come up with one conclusion. Generally its been a very hard year for Malawians. I wrote a lot of bad news on this blog than any other year since i started blogging in 2007. Even though it was hard, i have some success stories i personally celebrate in the year 2011.

It would be better to summarise the year in 3 areas; personal, country and world. Here is how i summarise 2011.


On 15 February 2011 i got transferred from Mulanje to a new and challenging post in Blantyre after working outside town for over two years. I was glad to come back and as any promotion comes with good perks and more challenging responsibilities, i gladly accepted the offer. I have spent most of the year establishing myself on the new position. Being a fast leaner and a person who is passionate about learning new things, it did not take long to settle. Am now fully in control of my work.

In this year i got my first officially recognised New Malawi Passport and the New SADC Driver's licence (with a new flag of course) completing my identifications as a bonafide Malawian. I look back to 2011 and say i have achieved something.

I got involved in relationships seriously for the first time in this year. (You might wonder why a 27 year old can be involved in relationships for the first time. Am a loner and have never been serious in these things.) A i enter the new year am still uncertain as to what my relationship status is.

I have travelled a lot in this year, albeit locally. i have been to every district of the southern region of Malawi countless times courtesy of the work am doing. At times i could go be on the road 5 days of the week to different districts. At some point i found time to visit my relations in Rumphi.

On another note i have faced alot of personal challenges this year most of them to do with coping up with my new responsibilities. Much as i managed to do my work responsibilities, i could not do the same with my duties at home or in the family. Alot was expected of me but i did little to match. I caught up with this reality late in the year and managed to change. I go into 2012 a changed and more responsible person in the family.

I also prayed an important role at my church as a youth leader in fundraising, organising and motivating youths. My spiritual stand faced alot of challenges i tried and will continue to address in 2012.

Country - Malawi

I personally took part in the much famous 20 July demonstrations for one reason, I wanted to be heard!!! The highlight of this year in Malawi is the 20 July demos which saw thousands of Malawians taking to the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the ruling government. 20 people lost their lives on that day and its a very sad chapter in the history of the Malawi nation.

Malawi started the year as a hero to the other African nations but will come out zero because of the various serious problems that have rocked us over the months. The biggest problem has been the shortage of various important things chief among them is forex. Forex shortage has affected everything in Malawi leading to fuel and drug shortage, prices of goods rising up, the cost of living going up and almost everything going up.

Very bad decisions were made in the year like the expulsion of the British Ambassador, the bad laws which were passed by our honourable members of parliament. Malawi could have done better without these decisions and our governance and socio economic problems could have been averted.

I think Malawians did not give much attention to other issues affecting us like the AIDS pandemic, Climate Change, other diseases and natural disasters because of the governance crisis we are facing. Alot of time, airtime and newspaper space has been spent discussing the fuel and forex shortage, drug crisis. In terms of progress, Malawi took many steps backwards in the year 2011.

There was too much personal politics in the year than development. At times i wonder if these party leaders, spokespersons and propagandists think of how people are suffering in the villages. An average Malawian enter 2011 very poor and will enter 2012 even more poorer than before. As i write i doubt how many families will manage a decent meal on the eve of the new year. So sad!


World issues were dominated by the famous Middle East Uprisings, toppling of most wanted dictators in the name of Egypt's Mubarak, Algeria's Ben Ali, Libya's Ghadaffi and the killing of the world's most wanted man, Osama bin Laden. The Middle East Uprising has kept us glued to our TV screens from the time a Tunisian graduate set himself on fire to this date. Am sure most of us have got our lessons from these happenings in the middle east. It is also what partly motivated Malawians to come out in large numbers and take part in the 20 July demos. Most countries have made history in their Tahir squares and will live to remember them. Many lives have also been lost in this year mostly through these uprisings.

The Occupy Movement is also worthy a mention as it also captured our attention in the year. I will live to remember how people can be organised to fight poverty and greed in the whole world. What started simply at Zuccoti park in America managed to capture the world attention and was modelled in several countries across the world. Though the 99% still remains oppressed by the 1%, am sure efforts will still be made to change this.

The Greek Crisis which has upgraded to be called the EuroZone Crisis is also something to note in the year.just ending. It was something worthy watching on TV and commenting in social media circle.

On a positive note, as a social networker, am happy with the role social media played in shaping our world in this year. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other site have played a great role in bringing the world together. Am glad to say that i have used these sites for almost everyday of this year as i could not afford to stay away from them as i could miss important news.

In Africa who can forget to talk about the Boko Haram in Nigeria, alShabaab in Somalia, the new country of South Sudan, elections in DRC and Kenya's attack on alShabaab in Somalia. Zambia also had very successful elections in the year. There was also some grey areas in Ivory Coast 2010 elections which spilled into 2011, Liberia's elections, Guinea Bissau endless coups. There was a great hunger in most African countries that took away many important lives in the year.

Am glad that 2011 is going and i happily accept 2012 but i thank God for allowing me to be part of 2011.


Friday, December 23, 2011

National Bank of Malawi introduces bank queing system.

One of Malawi's leading commercial bank, National Bank has introduced a new queing system to ease congestions in banking halls. The system involves clients to get numbered tickets on a machine installed at the entrance of the new headoffice. Customers will then sit on the provided chairs to wait for their turn. A number will then be displayed on the LCD screen linking the ticket holder to a specific teller.

The queing system which is on trial basis, will be at the new Hendreson Street Service Centre which is situated at the newly built Head Office opposite Reserve Bank building in Hannover Street. The service centre will be opened on Saturday, 24th December, 2011.

It is the first time for a Malawian commercial bank to use this queing system. In neighbouring countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, queing systems like this are used in banks, immigration and road traffic offices.

Where is BINGU when it hurts..

"A good general not only sees the way to victory; he also knows when victory is impossible." Polybius(ca. 200–118 BC) , a famous Greek historian said these words a long time ago. These words have now become relevant to the situation we are passing through as a Malawi nation. It is obvious that victory is impossible with this current leadership.

It is no hidden fact that Malawi is going through very tough times. There is a political and economic crisis going on at the moment. The big question is, where is the President amidst all these problems? A good leader was supposed to be visible and assure his people on what is being done to sort out the problems they are facing.

But nothing is being done on the problems that Malawians are facing except a few statements from Ministers who are either on the defensive mode or have given us a time frame of the problems. Patricia Kaliati, the Information Minister is busy trying to convince people on what their government has done even when problems are their for all to see. The Finance Minister and Energy Minister claims the fuel woes and other problems will end in January 2012. Its like the government has given up trying and are waiting for things to sort out in January. In the meantime Malawians can continue to suffer, die and lose important businesses until a solution is found in January.


Polybius clearly says that a good general not only sees the way to victory, but he also knows when victory is impossible. A good general would resign when he knows that victory is impossible to pave way for a leader who will lead the army to victory. Malawi has reached that point. NO VICTORY IS IN SIGHT!!

On 20 July, about 5 months ago, we took to the streets to demand some reforms but nothing concrete has happened. Even the public lecture which was organised to counter the demonstrations has not brought about any tangible changes. We are still counting days and things are getting worse each passing minute. Government seems not to care.

The only solution, i guess, is to bring in a new leadership which will respond to the needs of the people. My favourite Former American Secretary of State, Colin Powell, once said, "Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership."

Friday, December 9, 2011

Press Statement From Forum for the Defence of Democracy on Occupy Parliament Malawi

Thursday 8th December, 2011

To: The Clerk Parliament
Cc: The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon Chimunthu Banda
The Law Commission
Parliament Offices,
Private Bag, B 362
Lilongwe 3


Forum for Defence Democracy (FDD) and other concerned Malawians, (Diasporas included) wish to commend and thank all Malawians for the interest, commitment and inspiration demonstrated towards the OCCUPY PARLIAMENT AGENDA. Sadly and prematurely, it is put on record that the Executive influence over Parliament nullified the opportunity that ordinary citizens intended to pursue to redress the prevailing status quo.

FDD believes that “power” in a democracy ultimately resides with the populace (ordinary citizens) in accordance with the supreme law of the land. Furthermore, our history is full of examples of an inspired citizenry involved in social movements that has achieved social and political change from 1994 to this date. It is a fact that social movements are, and have been instrumental in raising concerns and urging governments in good democracies, to change and respect the will of the people.

It is emphasized that the “OCCUPY PARLIAMENT AGENDA” as an expression platform was not meant and intended for Parliamentary invasion, or toppling of the current administration regime, as reports would have it. The objective was to voice out the conduct of business in the August House. Furthermore, this was to remind our honourable legislators their legitimate role of representing their constituents.

FDD as a grouping stands on principles of good governance, respect of rule of law and human rights and is a platform for enabling citizens to challenge the prevailing atmosphere that is unfavourable to the majority of Malawians. This platform is also ultimately there to ensure that the citizenry is active in the decision-making processes that affect them especially in this period when the normal channels of their political participation are deliberately frustrated by Executive influence over Parliament. This is clearly evidenced in the District Commissioners and the Speaker’s refusal to issue permission for active citizens to demonstrate peacefully as a constitutional right, In addition, the deployment of heavy police presence and tracking leaders or organizers of the platform testifies to the fact that we live in a country where human rights are not being respected and promoted.

FDD instituted the OCCUPY PARLIAMENT AGENDA to mobilize the citizens and public opinion to challenge power holders and encourage the society to effectively participate and adhere to national values and responsibilities, to redress social problems that affect all of us now on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the platform’s plans were thwarted by the Executive influence over Parliamentary business which was exhibited in the Speaker’s and the District Commissioners unwillingness in the issuance of a written permission as it is required by law, (Police Act, section 103) failure to provide this permission meant that the grassroots are unable to exert their discontent and demand change in the way their Parliamentarians behave.

The OCCUPY PARLIAMENT AGENDA remains to instil in the minds of ordinary Malawians their constitutional responsibility of expressing through (public opinion) and expressing their will through other legal means. It therefore remains a platform for pressing social change and above all holding legislators accountable to the fundamental principles of democracy.

The following concerns still need redress and will remain the agenda of OCCUPY PARLIAMENT.

The genuine problems experienced amongst other things are:- acute fuel shortages, forex scarcity, unavailability of hospital drugs, high cost of living, job scarcity, high water and electricity tariffs (black outs and scarcity), civil servants salaries that remain meagre, review of wages and packages for hospitality industry, restaurants, bars and other public places which also remain pathetic. Malawians are further vexed that in the midst of this economic woes, their elected servants would even consider raising their own salaries.

The list of concerns continues with the problems of Air Malawi, the only flag carrier and pride of Malawi and Macra’s insistence on buying and installing “the popular spying machine” are amongst the top priorities for Parliamentarians to address among the issues affecting this country.

However, despite the refusal by the authority entrusted to provide permission for the OCCUPY PARLIAMENT AGENDA, it is noteworthy that the agenda has made an impact especially on the recent announcement that oppressive laws including Injunction Bill, the infamous Police Act, (s. 46) which have been on the priority of the Government’s political agenda, have now been referred through the President directive, to the Law Commission for review. Such laws were amongst the issues promoting human rights abuses. As we applaud this move by the Head of State. Having noted this, we also call upon the Law Commission to work independently as mandated by s.136 of the Constitution of Malawi. Let us remind our Legislators that when enacting laws they shall reflect in its deliberations the interests of all people of Malawi. Therefore, it is upon this premise that FDD together with church leaders, and all ordinary Malawians will continue keeping an eye on their commitment to the interests and welfare of all Malawians as guaranteed in the Constitution of Malawi.

FDD Co-ordinator – Central Region

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Malawi's First Ethical Hacking Class

You are invited to enrol for Malawi's first Ethical Hacking Class to beheld as depicted on the picture below:  
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


OCCUPY PARLIAMENT-we are the 99%, they are the 1%


Against Greed in the National Assembly

The Forum for Defence of Democracy (FDD) is coordinating a mass (peaceful) vigil in the Capital City for at least five days starting from Monday, 5th December 2011 up to Friday, 9th December 2011 and beyond if need be.
The aim of the vigil is, among other things, to convey the public outrage due to the proposed increase of over 300% on M.P.'s pay packages and peripheral benefits whilst we, the ordinary Malawian voters suffer miserable agony amidst economic mismanagement manifested by the ongoing fuel and forex crises,punitive taxes on essential goods and services, shortages of medicines etc, and spiralling costs of living that plague our daily lives.
The vigil will be situated directly opposite Parliament in Lilongwe, which will ideally attract maximum attention from Members of Parliament, Civil Servants, Ministers and hopefully, the Head of State.

Our intention is to hold this vigil in a peaceful manner which would conform to any democratic standards and indeed, is our inalienable right as enshrined in S38 of our Republican Constitution which states: “Every person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed”.

Let us reiterate that any disturbances, disruptions and violent acts will be caused by outsiders who have no respect for Rule of Law or the Constitution in pursuit of their narrow interests. we therefore urge the Police Service, in the strongest possible terms, to provide adequate protection for the vigilants and to ward off any potential damage on property and lives of the citizenry that may be inflicted by immoral and unethical thuggery.

These issues affect all of us, no matter which side of the fence we choose to sit upon. We thus invite all Malawians to join us in this protest vigil to express our total rejection of this situation. We are entitled to a better life that we work so hard for, now let us stand up and demand it from our elected servants.
For those who can please bring a tent.
Let us stand up and say:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Malawi Parliament from 28 November 2011

One, two, three, GO! The Occupy ideology which started a few months ago at Zuccoti Park in New York to Occupy Wall Street #OWS has finally landed in Malawi. Plans are underway to have a million people to occupy Malawi Parliament. According to one of the organisers of Occupy Parliament Malawi #OPM, Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Malawians should rise up and remind the Members of Parliament and Government not to work against the citizen but to work with them.

Here is the what Ben Chiza Mkandawire posted on OMP's Facebook page:

Despite our different cultural backgrounds and social contexts, we all suffer the same threats. Our freedom and dignity are under attack as a result of political dynamics in our corrupt government institutions that are turning our societie into increasingly unjust places.

The OCCUPY PARLIAMENT will mobilise the 1million Malawians from all walks of life to force our governments/members of parliament to work with the people and not against them. We Propose that the week starting from the 28th November 2011 be the beginning of protests in Malawi by all of us occupying the space outside our houses of Parliament.

The idea is to organise new forms of action against MPs, government officials and the failure by government to address the current economic and governance woes.

More details as to how people from other districts and cities will be accommodated will be published on this blog as they emerge. Or you can simply join the group on Facebook, follow Ben Chiza Mkandawire, @khadiba, on Twitter or even search #OPM and #OccupyParliament on Twitter.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Where to get up to date online news about Malawi

A very good friend, who is in Botswana, has been asking me about the whereabouts of Malawi's President, Professor Bingu wa Mutharika. He says it is being reported, in Botswana, that the President has passed on to the next life. He was not sure about it so he decided to ask me about it. News about the President's health and other news about Malawi have suddenly become a must read not only to Malawians but readers from other areas of the world. That is why i have listed down sites where you can get news about Malawi in time.

Traditional news sites.

The best website to get news at the moment is probably Nyasa Times because of the way it updates its contents and the readership it commands in the cyber world. Even though some quarters are not very comfortable with Nyasa Times in the way it reports its news, Malawians like to visit the site and make various comments than any other Malawi news site. Nyasa Times is also credited for giving a chance to people with different views to write their opinions on various issues. The likes of Ndirande Love, Mzati Mkolokosa, Tom Likambale and Emily Mkamanga.

There are three news sites that are doing their best to give up to date and well researched news about Malawi. Malawi Today, Malawi Voice and Malawi Democrat. A special mention also goes to Face of Malawi which not only give news but also many things that affect Malawians.

Those of us who have fallen in love with Muckracking on Sunday, a Sunday Times column by reknown BBC Correspondent, Raphael Tenthani, visit the Maravi Post for a dose of Ralph's critical view of Malawi politics. Maravi post is also good at giving breaking news.

Zodiak Broadcasting Station is also working very hard to match the popularity it has gained as the best radio with online reporting on Zodiak Online. Apart from the ground breaking innovations of listening to their radio online, Zodiak website also gives a chance to download various podcasts like their programmes and interviews. You can download, Sunrise Malawi, Tiuuzeni Zoona, and various interviews.

More downloads can also be found on the archives section of Capital Radio Malawi's website . Brian Banda, considered as Malawi's Larry King, has his straight talk program up for download on the site. As i write this there are interviews of Joyce Banda, Atupele Muluzi, Jessie Kabwila Kapasula, Brown Mpinganjira and Voice Mhone. You can also listen to recorded Day Break Malawi program on the same website.

Malawi's popular daily and weekend newspaper publishers BNL Times and Nation Publications are also maintaining news websites. A few years ago one would not spend much time on their sites because they were not updating their news and even the design of their websites was not up to standards. But of late the BNL Times and The Nation are doing their best and are worthy paying a visit.

Occassionary we also get Malawian news on the international websites like the BBC, CNN, Associated Press, AFP, South Africa's News24, All Africa, Aljazeera.


Malawians are seriously adopting the culture of blogging. There are over 90 blogs on a list of blogs aggregated on Mabloga ( a feed cluster of Malawian blogs). These blogs are only those who requested to be added on the cluster. There are others who have not requested to be on the site. This just shows that there are many Malawian bloggers than the number on Mabloga.

Of all these blogs i recommend the following blogs for up to date news on Malawi, Kondwani Munthali's blog, Mabvuto Jobani's blog, Richard Chirombo's Zachimalawi blog and Malawi Financial Mirror. And then there are other blogs whose opinion i value so much and i read and follow them at all times. The likes of Bright Mhango on his blog, Protests Politics and Cultural blog, Kim Yi Dionne's haba na haba blog, Victor Kaonga's Ndagha, Jimmy Kainja,s blog, Dr Khumbo Kalua's blog, Albert Sharra's blog , Chifundo Tenthani's blog and Dannie Grant Phiri's blog. For development and other technology issues these blogs are also great sources of information, Edmond Kachale's blog, Malawi Development Exchange is an Eldis and Malawi National Library discussion forum where Malawians discuss development issues.

On Twitter

Twitter is probably the best social networking site for breaking news. People tweet as everything happens in real time. I have a group of people i follow for breaking news about Malawi. These people tweet accurate news and events as they happen, they also give links of various news concerning Malawi published in other websites. Here is a list of those people, @Malawi2014, @fredbvalani @maravipost, @jkainja, @malawivoice, @nchenga, @kumwendafrank, @mynassah, @chiume, @Cthe, @kondwamunthali,@RexChikoko,@chimzy, @ctenthani, @bennyblithe @malawinews365, @daniso, @dadakim and @amizere.


Various friends on Facebook are also on the ground to tell us when news actually happens. This ranges from unconfirmed reports and some news that has actually happened but has not been picked up by the traditional publishers. I have a list of friends including journalists, lawyers, politicians who update their statuses with news that has just happened. The news sites also have Facebook accounts which update us immediately anything newsworthy happens. Malawi Voice Facebook Page and Towards Malawi2014 Elections are the best in this area.


Everyone needs updated and confirmed news. I hope that this list will be of good help to you all my readers and will keep on updating it as more and more sites open up.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your Facebook Profile speaks alot

As of June 30 2011, there were 82,720 Malawians on Facebook and 716,400 people were using the internet in Malawi representing 4.5% of the population. This shows how much people are using the social networking site. Gone are the days when you could sign up on Facebook using a fake name or a fake account because it is proving to be a vital networking tool to the thousands of Malawians using it. You will only be left out if you decide to use a false account. Your profile is the first thing that impresses a friend you are trying to connect with. I got a friend request from someone calling himself, Wasuta Chamba Banda and another one Kunyenga Kunyenga, i immediately ignored those requests because i don't want such people on my timeline and they are not real.

Many people are using the information we post on our profiles to assess and analyze various aspects of our lives. In fact i usually check the profiles of people who comment on my posts or in the other groups i have joined. I have a special group of people whom i value the comments they make because they contain substance. Reputable companies are getting information of their employees on Facebook, people are finding marriages and other important relationships on the site. Business deals, promotion of events, advertising are all being done faster and free of charge on Facebook. One might argue that LinkedIn is better placed to do this but Facebook is commonly used in Malawi than LinkedIn.

I know of some people who still refuse to open accounts on Facebook calling it a satanic tool and yet many more lives are transformed, encouraged and inspired on this very site. It is a debate which i don't like to to take part simply because i have a conflict of interest being a christian in the technology field.

It is very important to be honest with whatever you are posting on Facebook and other internet sites because it reflects on who you are. I have made friends from many corners of the world through what i have been posting on the internet. Several people have traveled from their places to pay me a visit in Malawi when we only met on Facebook or Twitter. I have been asked to give an opinion on many projects to be done in Malawi because my readers know that i am on the ground because of what i have on my profile. Even my pictures are real giving confidence to those who follow me. There is no way Vincent Kumwenda can have a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo as a profile picture!

We are living in a world that values knowledge so it is important to share everything you know. These social networking sites gives us that platform to share knowledge. It also gives us a chance to interact with friends we have missed for a long time, who are far away. We cannot always afford to call them, all we can do is to drop them an email in their inbox or post on their wall. We can also update them on what is happening by posting pictures and videos. I have communicated with friends in many districts by simply posting pictures on my wall.

Facebook, though, does not replace face to face relationships. I am one of the people who is more talkative online but am not a good friend when it comes to real chatting, but i try to adjust to live a real life. At some point people were complaining that i spend much time with my smart phone than with the friends, but am now adjusting. I still have my phone everywhere i go and will always jump on the chance to reply and email, update my status or comment on someone's status. Friends at some point even feared that i will post everything they said on Facebook.

Too much of posting is also dangerous and can read to people using your information to your disadvantage. In advanced societies, thieves use location based sites, like Foursquare and Facebook Places to track down their targets. They can use your status updates to plan a robbery at your place, steal your car or other things. Hackers ca also have access to your sensitive information. They can easily access what you have posted willingly or get access to your computers and steal important information.

Oppressive governments tend to gather information on the internet to track down its opponents. Am yet to read or hear of someone who has been arrested in Malawi for posting on Facebook about the current regime. However we are not to rule out this possibility in the coming days. Even us bloggers are getting ready for huge censorship in the coming days. As of now Malawians are free to voice out their concerns through their status updates, comments and posting in groups that have been created on Facebook.

For now, you will enjoy real time chat on Facebook if you choose to be yourself.

Effects of the fuel hike are being felt

Every morning i take a bus from Chilobwe Trading Centre to Blantyre CBD where our offices are located. Of late we have been having problems in finding minibuses because of the scarcity of fuel. I could spend over an hour on the stage just waiting for a minibus to come, and even when it came, i could not just board without a fight. Some operators were forced to hike the fares, though illegally, to cover up the problems they face in sourcing the scarce commodity.

But on Tuesday, 9 November we got news that the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has hiked the fuel prices with about 27%. It was obvious that the minibus operators will follow suit in adjusting the fares. It was no surprise when Coxley Kamange, Secretary General for Minibus Owners Association announced on MBC TV of the bus fares hike.

From Chilobwe Trading Centre I will now be forced to cough MK120 every morning from the usual MK90 going up with MK30. Other routes like Highway (Blantyre to Limbe is at MK110 from MK80), Chilobwe to Limbe MK120 from MK90. MOAM has released a chart showing adjusted fares of all the routes in Malawi.

In response to the fuel hike many businesses have adjusted prices of their goods and some are in the course of adjusting. Sugar, Bread, Meat, Soap, Salt, cooking oil have all gone up following the fuel increase. This means that Malawians have to cough more than they planned to spend this month.

The sad thing is that salaries of employed people have not been adjusted. Not even one company has responded to the fuel increase by adjusting salaries for their employees in the wake of rising cost of living. Life was already hard a few months before the hike will continue biting hard on Malawians.

The other area which will badly hit us is the education sector. Fees will automatically be reviewed to reflect the current situation. Parents will be forced to pay more both for fees and upkeep for their students.

Only God knows how Malawians will come out of this situation.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Time is ripe for a Malawian Revolution

If you thought 20 July 2011 was the last day Malawians demonstrated, I bet you are very wrong, Malawians are bound to go back to the streets sooner than later . The problems Malawians tried to address are still there and are even worse than back then. I would not be surprised if calls to demonstrate will have a very big response. Time is ripe for a big revolution that will probably only stop at regime change.

It was the shortage of fuel and forex that triggered the famous 20 July protests. Then it seemed a problem affecting a small section of the country but now the effects of the twin shortage is being felt to the most basic Malawian. Almost everything that matters is now scarce, from fuel to water and electricity. In response to this prices of commodities are going up each passing day.


Amidst all these problems, nobody seems to take charge of the situation. The President has decided to take a two months long holiday at this critical point. All the Ministers and political leaders who are supposed to address these problems are busy defending statements, speeches or issuing threats. When Malawians are spending the whole day in various queues in search of commodities nobody offers them hope. Should we say the government does not have answers? Is Binge running away from the problems? If Malawians could manage, am sure all the 14 Million people would have taken a holiday.


It seems there is no organized group, as of now, to lead the protests but when the problems hit harder, no one will need a leader. Anger is growing in the people, it can be heard in minibuses, facebook statuses, twitter updates and even in church sermons. WE WILL ALL MARCH UNTIL BABYLON FALLS DOWN!!! We will meet in the streets very soon.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Citizen's Apology to Britain and Malawi's Development Partners

On behalf of my fellow Malawians I write an apology to Her Majesty and the people of United Kingdom for the expulsion of their envoy, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet, in our country, Malawi back in April 2011. I might not be better positioned to make this apology but it is very necessary to make this apology because we are the people who are feeling the effects of your decision to withhold aid. There are people whom we trusted to make these decisions on our behalf but of late they have abandoned us constructively that is why we have decided to come in the open and say what the majority needs to be done.

From the time Your Majesty decided to without aid to us, life has not been easy because you were the main bilateral donor to us. Being an influential country, many other partners followed your example of withholding aid to us though some have different reasons ranging from poor governance and poor human rights record. Your Majesty is a very busy person but i know that you have advisers who update you on what is happening in the Malawi since you left with your aid package. Here are some of the problems we are facing:


From April, we have been experiencing very serious Forex and Fuel scarcities affecting our day to day lives. Malawians are finding it hard to make ends meet in the wake of these problems which are getting worse each passing day. The biggest problem is that the people whom we trusted with solving these problems are ignoring us. They seem not to have a clear answer to this problem. We the majority of Malawians know that the root cause of these scarcities is your decision to withhold aid hence this apology. We are on our knees asking you to reconsider this decision for the sake of the people who are suffering, the lives we are losing each passing day for lack of fuel in ambulances, lack of medicine in hospitals and many more serious problems.


You surely have heard about 20 July 2011. This is the day that Malawians decided to tell the leadership that they have had enough of the suffering. Thousands took to the streets, led by the civil society, to make their voices heard. It is very sad that in the course of exercising this constitutional right, police fired teargas and live bullets on people and 20 people lost their lives. Since then things have completely changed in the country. We are no longer free in our own country. Activists houses are being burnt in broad daylight and investigations on these are not getting anywhere. Even this apology will attract very serious results to yours truly.


Because of the scarcity of Forex and Fuel, commodity prices are rising each passing day affecting us very badly. The cost of living has risen very highly in the past months. Basic goods like food, medicine and other services have become very expensive regardless of the fact that our salaries are still the same. For an average Malawian who lives below a dollar per day, it is very tough to take care of their families. Even the zero deficit budget is leaving its dangerous marks on the lives of Malawians. It is at these times that we need our developmental friends to give us a hand.


We ask you Your Majesty, The European Union, IMF, American President, Germany and all the development partners to consider resuming aid to Malawi. It might not be directly through the government but you can find a way to help out suffering citizens. We know the idea of coming up with a zero deficit budget was partly an insult to you because you have been standing with us all these years and we cant just abandon you and claim that we are standing on our own.

We eagerly wait for your positive response.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Malawians are doing serious business on Facebook

Gone are the days when you could log in on Facebook simply because you don't have anything serious to do or just to update your status. Malawians have found a way of using this social networking site to do serious business. From the popular Malawi Fuel Watch to the Lets do business group, Malawians have enough reasons to spend more time on the Mark Zuckerberg's website.

People are selling and buying various things on this page free of charge. Ranging from Cars, Cellphones, Clothes, Computers and even advertising various services, Malawians are really making big money. The group now has 2461 members as of today, 24 October 2011.

To join the group you send a request to the group's email address: and you will be added by any member of the group.

At least you can now take a break from commenting the various political groups that have been created on Facebook and do something that will bring food on your table!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Robert Chasowa Mystery Untangled

This 'Robert Chasowa Mystery Untangled' was originally published on mediafire for all of us to download and read. In order to publicise this message i publish it on this blog without taking sides or adding anything.

“The Info in this publication was put together by an intensive interview with Duncan Phiri in the presence of several Polytechnic lecturers and interviews with several Poly students. Let it be known that if the remaining members of Chasowa’s click are hurt in any way, it is the people implicated in this document trying to silence them.”


Robert Chasowa had links with a grouping called New Vision Youth Organisation (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Group’)
Grouping was formed between 2001 and 2002 by Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu (a childhood friend to Chasowa who recruited him [Chasowa] into the fold of the grouping)

The group was into various socio-economic activities, and it survived on rewards from reporting Tax evasion to MRA.
The organisation planned to stop demonstrations planned for August 17 2011 in favour of dialogue with the national president.

Towards this end, the grouping through Duncan (0992222277) at 6:30pm, Saturday 13 August 2011 phoned the Malawi Police Inspector General Peter Mukitho (0888203776) to link them up with the president so that the group could lay down its plan to him in person.

Mukitho liked the idea and on the same evening instructed Southern Region Police Commissioner, José to make contact with the group to get a more vivid picture of what the group was really about.
9:30PM same day, José (0888866369) called Duncan to arrange for a meeting on the following morning (Sunday 14 August).

José met Duncan at Green Corner (along Chikwawa Road) and drove to Mirale in Toyota Corolla as Duncan explained the group’s agenda. José talked to Mukitho who ordered that José drive the group to Lilongwe at once.
José and Duncan drove to the Polytechnic where they met Robert to inform him of the trip to Lilongwe. The rest of the group members were also told.

Around 1PM the next day Robert, Duncan, Phaniso (minus Justice who was on the day attending a family tombstone unveiling ceremony) were driven to Lilongwe by José, at Chingeni the group even stopped to talk to Justice who was driving back to Blantyre from the family ceremony, they briefed him of the trip.
Between 6 and 7pm the group arrived in Lilongwe and it was Robert who explained the groups aims to the IG, they were offered Chivas and Robert being of sober orientation had some soft but expensive refreshments.
The IG walked out for a good five to 10 minutes and talked to the president and returned with K50,000 bundles which he distributed to each member and even gave another K50,000 for Justice.

Mukitho told the group that they couldn’t meet the president and instead just asked what the group needed to carry out its plan.
Phaniso suggested K300, 000 but the IG countered with K500, 000 and made a promise that if the group was successful in thwarting the 17 August demos, TEN MILLION KWACHA awaited the group.

The group made demands of a car, an office space, two Ipads, two laptops, three desktops, a colour printer, two digicams, two still cameras, a laminating machine, three sensitive recorders and a perforating machine.
The IG provided all the above (in cash?) and offered the group another round of Chivas for the group to carry with them on their way back to Blantyre.

José drove the group to Kameza in Blantyre where they met Justice {at this point José left}. Justice happens to be Black Moses’ cousin. The group spent the night at Black Moses’ house.

On 15th August around 11 AM, Commissioner José called the group to come pick up their the promised essentials: Money amounting to K300,000 and a car (Suzuki Jimmy) rented for three months from Country Wide Car Hire registration Number MN 2452. The things were picked up by Justice.

The group paid K140, 000 upfront in rentals for a house in Nkolokosa belonging to a Mr Mathanga (K35 grand per month)


1. Robert bought over 10 influential students from Polytechnic with a promise of a K200, 000 from the TEN MILLION promised by Mukitho.

2. The Group won over Ken Msonda and Black Moses with a promise of K250, 000. Msonda was instantly given K6000.00 as transport money and he went over to radios spreading Anti-demonstration messages, Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. Hajat was approached by Black Moses and was reluctant but amicable to the group’s ideas of “No-Demos.”

3. Chancellor college students proved a problem to buy over as they were not learning and thus showed no mercy to the government and were in total support of the demos. However Duncan spoke of Robert and Black Moses successfully buying over one Symon if not Symon Mchawe who he said was given K15,000 and that he is the student that reported Associate Professor Blessings Chinsinga to the police after he gave a revolutionary example in class.

4. Robert, Duncan and Phaniso also courted Catholic University students and promised them K1500, 000 for their cooperation.

5. Robert urged the Polytechnic Student Union (PSU) to issue anti-demo statements but this was to no avail.

6. Robert went on air to speak against demonstrations and called for dialogue

NB: The university students, especially the Polytechnic were the ring leaders in the 20 July Demonstrations and the group targeted them to talk them out. Each of the groups’ moves was reported to some police as progress.


After the Demos were cancelled, the group took that as success but the relationship with the police soured especially with the IG failing to give the TEN MILLION KWACHA.

On 20 August José called Robert and Justice to their Nkolokosa offices and accused them of being too slow and that the police had to use some other grouping (CSO?). José also told Chasowa and Justice that the police had convinced Civil Society Organisations by itself hence the cancellation of the 10 million deal
On 23rd August the Suzuki was returned to the police on Jose’s instructions
The grouping was bombarded with demands for money from the bought over Poly students, the Catholic University students and Ken Msonda.

The group even bought a simcard (0994378323) for Msonda to talk to the IG himself on why the money was delaying. Msonda sensed trouble from what he discussed with Mukitho and told the group to drop the matter.
Group rented out the offices to a tenant identified by Justice at K105, 000


Robert was bitter and joined YDF where he and his mates: Black Moses and a Chikapa sourced sensitive information from Kamlepo Kaluwa, Rafiq Hajat, Ken Lipenga and other disgruntled DPP high ranking officials to publish in their “Weekly Political Update.”

Robert kept calling José, Mukitho and Peter Mutharika (0999005276) to remind them of the money that was supposed to be given; he [Robert] even created a special email that he used to talk to Peter Mutharika.
One day Robert and Justice called Peter and he gave the phone to Mulli and Masangwi who told them off.
Justice also talked to Masangwi in his car.
Robert was frustrated, he called José and said that he would go public on 27 September if the money was not given by then.
Two days earlier, he had already talked to Nyasa Times but didn’t shed more light on the gravity of his war with DPP.


8PM/ 23rd September, Robert speaks to his lawyer (Trouble Kalua) about his being wanted by police.
12AM, 24 September, Robert arrives in his room in the company of Ndagha Mkandawire (his classmate), they pick up poems to go study them at Ndaghas place (about 300 metres away)

1PM Robert is spotted in the student’s common room where Ndagha came to buy a cigarette

1PM a VW Carvella parks just outside Poly campus near the Police Headquarters inside are five people one stays in and the four go to Poly student’s common room.

2AM, Allan, Robert’s roomie finds several missed calls of a new number, he calls back and Robert answers and says that that is his new number and that he was at Ndagha’s place.

3.33AM Exactly, Robert leaves Ndagha’s room for his place

Around 4AM, four strangers leave Poly campus, they seem in a hurry.

Around 4AM KAMU Security Guards who were guarding the campus on that day, (KAMU = a company Belonging to Mulli Brothers) thought they saw some people pulling on someone and thought it was just drunken students

Around 5AM, Robert is found Dead about 400 metres away from Poly students common room and Ndagha’s Hostel, where he was

Chasowa lost very little blood (not more than a litre) showing that he was not killed by a fall, loss of blood and most importantly that the blood came out via rigor mortis (if the heart was still pumping, there would be a lake of blood) this shows that he was dead before he bled.

Chasowas had dust on his knees, showing that he had knelt….what this the time he was being forced to write the suicide notes?

Chasowa still had his inner shirt tucked in…this shows that he didn’t resist or struggle to his death.

Chasowa was found lying face down, but the face had no dents to show that he had fallen, his shoulders and all parts of his body had no fracture to show that he had fallen.

Chasowa was found about 10 metres from a place where over 6 years ago a guard had fallen to his death and there was brains and blood spread all over….that was not the case with Chasowa
Chasowa had a clean slit just above his neck; it looked like it had been delivered by a sharp edge like a panga.

The place where Chasowa was found is surrounded by about five security guards within the ranges of 5, 20, 10 10 and 25 metres and none of those guards had heard a thud or cry.

Chasowa’s room keys were still in his pocket but the phone he had used to call his roommate at 2am was in his room.
Chasowa was an Adventist and also a Pentecostal sympathiser, suicide was out of the question.


Why did police investigators only spend 5 minutes on the crime scene and ask nobody else but his roommate and Ndagha and yet come up with a report?
Why did police work over the weekend to release a report when they cannot even give bail over the weekend?
Why did they confiscate Ndagha’s computer [which Robert used a lot] when they had already found a suicide note?
Who put back Robert’s phone in his locker? When? Is he/she not the one who planted the suicide notes?
Why were the suicide notes misaddressed? Would a son address a letter to a dead brother when he meant to address the father?
Why was the case handled by the national police spokesperson when it fell under the regional police?
Why hasn’t Mukitho or José admitted that they knew Robert?
Why was there no DPP presence at Roberts’s funeral?

Robert gave away his position by visiting the student’s common room, the spies on campus then alerted the assailants, the assailants were also in that very bar!

There is about 20 metres of unguarded and dark open space between Ndagha’s hostel [where Robert was] and the next hostel. As Robert stepped into this darkness he was tasered by a stun gun (electric immobilizer) which have just been purchased in their thousands by the Malawi Police or he was hit by a blunt object on back base of his skull. He was then dragged (hence the dust in the knees) to the point where he was found (hence the absence of blood trails).
The killers then knew that the place was surrounded by guards so they dumped him and gored his head to make sure that he was very dead…and then they left.

Robert died with a look of surprise, open eyes and open mouth and the areas surrounding the eyes were red with blood (internal bleeding). That shows that the blow from behind was so powerful that it nearly ruptured his eyes, the surprise in his eyes might be the fact that the killers were people he knew well and hence didn’t expect the blow….the police? Remember the group reported their progress to some police officers? They could have rang him to come discuss the issue and then attacked him. Also note that earlier, police had been coming to talk to the Poly academic registrar (Chirambo) about Chasowa’s role in YDF. Why not just call him and arrest him?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Malawi Politics on its lowest mark

It does not get lower than this. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.

There is no party or political grouping which impresses me or many more Malawians. Here is a what is happening in the parties that has prompted me to come with this conclusion:


A party which everyone wanted to be associated with in 2009. DPP had all the support it needed to last the second five year term but along the way it lost most of that support. With all the state machinery at their disposal, the could have sustained that support and build a strong foundation of the party. The DPP is now failing to set clear agendas instead its leaders are busy refuting or denying claims about them.

For a ruling party we expected its leaders to be on television, radio and newspapers promoting its agendas and developent programs. Contrary to this, the daily press conferences the DPP leaders are addressing are meant to refute, accuse or comment on petty issues.

At a very critical time in Malawi's history, the ruling party choose to be in a defensive mood instead of offering solutions. Our respected ministers, members of parliament and party leaders are out to deal with individuals who have different opinions on certain issues. If they are not browsing the internet to find a negative story, then they are at the Registrar of CSO's to check how many organisations come from the north.

It will not come as a surprise if one respected leader will refute this article.


There is no party with so much experience in running a democratic country like UDF. With 10 years experience, the UDF should have been a party to look up to in terms of intraparty democracy. It seems there is just too much for this party to learn. There is so much love of positions in this party to the extent of forgetting the ideals of the party, if any. At a time when Malawians are looking for altenative parties, UDF is busy dividing itself into small block that is only confusing people. By the time the UDF will be finished with suspensions, firings and disciplinings, it will be too late to convince the Malawians to vote for them. There is one solution to UDF's problems and that is to find who owns the party and do what he wants to be done.


A new kid on the block. Malawians are good sympathisers. Everytime we have a funeral in the villages, alot of people stop whatever they were doing to attend. We always side with the victims regardless of the facts on the ground. In 2009, the DPP won the general election with a majority simply because Malawians sympathised with the party.

The PP is getting support out of sympathy simply because its leader, Hon. Joyce Banda, is being victimized by government. But to critically look at the agendas of the party, there is nothing new to offer. In my opinion , someone is out to settle scores and is planning to use our votes to achieve that. This is childish.


There is no time in Malawi's political history that MCP acted as a democratic party. Its leaders can claim that but their actions speak otherwise. They are even more childish. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Malawi Vigil Injunctions lifted. Not sure if I will attend 21st September 2011 vigil

The High Court has ruled that there should be nationwide demonstrations and vigils on September 21 as planned by the civil society.

Concerned citizens led by Dr. Yohane Mlambe, through lawyers Christopher Chiphwanya and Frank Mbeta sought an injunction to block nationwide vigils arguing “organising any nationwide demonstrations, vigils or mass protests poses national security threats”. This is a second ruling for the day on the same injunction after the court gave a similar ruling earlier in the morning. The defense team later appealed.

This means the vigil is on tomorrow in all the cities pending the authorities given by the city fathers of the respective cities.

However, am yet to decide if i will be part of the 21 September vigil. Am finding it hard to make a decision because i think this is not the way we should be taking as a country. I very much want to see things change in this country but i prefer a peaceful way. The only reason i took part in the 20 July demonstration was because i thought they will be peaceful only to see a different picture.

If you see me at the vigil tomorrow is simply to update you people who visit my blog. I will go there to get first hand information about things that are happening. I will be updating on twitter, Facebook, Google + and on this blog just to let the whole world know what is happening.

A few minutes before writing this post, i was watching a video of the 20 July demonstrations victims in Mzuzu. Its a very sad and touching video of how these people died and the bullet wounds that they had. I could not fail to shed a tear at what i was seeing. I feel sorry for the families these victims left behind. I dont want this to happen again. Not to me or to any person. I can send you the videos if you email me.

I love my country, Malawi so much so that i will not want to see it going astray simply because some people could not agree on two or three things. I would rather stay home and pray than demonstrate and destroy other peoples property.

Finally, am not clear on why we are demonstrating on 21 September. Or i have not been given enough information. I tried my best to ask for more information from the organisers on why we should hold a vigil but they were not clear. I searched for news in their various updates and releases but still could not be convinced. I also wonder where they got the mandate to hold these vigils after the 20 July demonstrations. Did they ask the people their views? Did they hold rallies or consultations? Who are they speaking for this time around?

I have not been bought as some of you might suggest because am not that cheap. I love my country so much that i will do anything in my capacity to make it a better place to live. Am a nobody in other people's eyes but a very important person to my family, workplace, church and friends.

God bless Malawi

Friday, September 9, 2011

Malawi Gospel Music Project X - Concept Paper

Last week i promised to publish a concept paper for the project that we are running together with the youth of St James CCAP called Project X. Here is the paper. If you fill like helping us in any way please contact us using the details below. We welcome any type of help at this stage.



Project –X is an idea that came about to unearth, improve, and promote raw talent which God has invested in some members of the Youth Ministry. Through various means, we identify talented youths, bring them together and train them for a period to make them established and mature artist.

We believe that there are a lot of talented youths in our ministry who need to be guided and trained to use their talents in worshiping God and uplifting both their spiritual and physical lives.

Project – X desires to give a chance to every individual to become a complete artist. In order to achieve this, we plan to help the youth to compose, practice, and record their original composition. At the end of the first mission, we will compile an album comprising of songs from the artists. We also plan to shoot a DVD of these songs. To achieve this, we are engaging various professionals in this field.


1. To unearth, improve, and promote raw music talent
2. To improve the quality of gospel music
3. To advise and train the youth in the areas of vocal production, stage setting and performance, studio work and all areas pertaining to music.
4. To conduct seminars and forums for the youth through some established professionals
5. To come up with an established record label for Young Christian music artists that will be modeled on established labels like Integrity Music and Hill song
6. To become an established group that will use various talents we have to reach out to young people in various learning institutions with the gospel


In order to achieve objectives and attain our goals, we have outlined a number of activities and some are already underway like:
3.1 Auditions

We used a very mature way to identify fifteen youths whom we have started the project with. Emphasis was placed on the potential one has and musical talent he/ she has demonstrated. We treat music in general from composition to stage performance.

3.2 Training Sessions

We do meet every Friday and Sunday for practices which involves various aspects of music which covers a period of about five hours. Our training also involves lessons from various people who we invite to teach on given topics.

3.3 Studio Test

Occasionally, we do go to the studios to do some studio work with various producers to give an exposure to the artists about what to expect once we start full recording of our music. So far we have recorded one song.

3.4 Album/ DVD compilation

As the whole idea behind Project – X is to make all the fifteen youths complete solo artists, we plan to compile an album with contributions from all the artists involved in the project.

3.5 Talent Explosion Shows

One way to make the artist mature enough is to expose them to a larger audience. Project – X will organize shows together with other promoters and will also take time to attend other music show to be exposed to the bigger stages.

3.6 Seminars/forums/workshops

We organize music workshops to train the selected artists. These workshops also concentrates on some issues to do with what it means to be Christian music artist like how to handle fame, maintain a Christian life style. We invite established people for these clinics.


The project initially started in may 2011 and the first mission is expected to be completed by early October, 2011 with the release of the first compilation album.
Plans are also in place to make Project- X a fully fledged band in the near future funds permitting.
In the next 3-5 years, it is our desire to the artists who have gone through project- x making it big the music industry and also in the Christian circles as artists like being worship leaders and evangelists.


For the first few months of the project start, some members within the project will contribute towards the running of the project. We plan to approach various people and organizations with this concept to seek sponsorship for the project and also to partner the project. Funds will be needed to organize training sessions, visits to learning institutions, studio sessions, music shows and production of the first compilation and DVD.

5.1 Funding or partnering Project-X

We seek to partner with any organization that will embrace our idea and we are ready to assist in promoting the organization in return. Ways of partnering may include:
• Offering advertising space in our DVDs, music album
• Organizing music shows in partnership with the organization
• Sponsorship of various activities being undertaken by project- X
• Releasing our team to do some assignments as per the partner’s request
• Being involved in production of promotional materials for the organization and its products

5.2 Other fundraising means

Through talent explosions, we plan to raise some of the funds needed to make Project – X a success. We also plan to be selling T-Shirts and conducting raffle draws in our shows. We also plan to sell our product at affordable prices in order for us to reach out to a larger audience.


Project – X is a brainchild of youths from St James C.C.A.P Youth ministry and is closely monitored by both the leadership of the youth grouping and the church leadership. Even though it is under an established youth ministry, our plan as project –X is to reach out to all young people of all faiths.
Project – X is being directed by Vincent Kumwenda with the full backing of St James Bible Class Youth Ministry’s music department.

Success of the project will be measured by the number of youths who will graduate having undergone trainings provided through the project and how they will be fairing as the main objective of the project is to shape these young people into accomplished solo artists. Apart from that, the quality of music and mature composition of songs and the holding of successful events by the Project will be anther check point.

One of the objectives of Project – X is to reach out to people in various learning institutions with message of salvation and Christian morals. We shall carry out a continuance evaluation of the success of these outreaches to see the impact of these on the youth we are reaching out to.

Project – X will also aim at bridging the gap that is in the gospel music community in terms of the quality of compositions and music being played in various quarters. Mature Praise and Worship music is our goal and that what we desire to present to the local and international audience as a whole.


We are driven by the passion we have for Christian music and for young talented Christians. This passion is enough to take us and the whole Project to greater heights. Project – X will create a big mark in the history of Christian music both in worship and evangelism. We are very determined to bring the success like that of Hillsong to Malawi and this part of Africa.


Project – X Coordinator.
C/o St James Bible Class Youth Ministry,
P.O. Box 58
Tel: +265 212 956 320 / +265 (0) 1 605 911
Att: Vincent Kumwenda / Cassius Ndovie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

TransWorld Radio Malawi Celebrates 25 Years on FM - Press Release

Update on and Appeal for Support towards TWR Malawi

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Trans World Radio (TWR) a non-denominational broadcaster seeks the support of individuals, friends, companies, churches and partners towards the celebration of 25 years of work in Malawi.

Since 1986 when its radio work officially started, TWR has seen thousands of lives transformed in Malawi and beyond. This year, we are also celebrating ten years (from 2001) of broadcasting on a national FM network with a clean signal using English, Chichewa, Chitumbuka and Chiyao.

Hundreds of testimonies through letters, emails, SMS and personal meetings abound each month. Many Malawians in one way or the other have been impacted by TWR through its shortwave broadcasts in the early years when work was pioneered by among others former MBC broadcaster Mr. Pearson Chunga (based in Swaziland).

As such, we have organized listener celebrations in Mzuzu on Sunday 25th September 2011 at Katoto Freedom Park. Later on the main celebrations move to Blantyre on Sunday 16th for an inter-denominational thanksgiving morning Service and an open celebration show in the afternoon. The main closing event is on Saturday 22nd October at Lilongwe Community Centre Ground.

Ahead of that other special activities include having women take full charge of the airwaves beginning Monday 12th Sept to 18th September. This is to let women who have never been on air to celebrate in a special way by handling basic production and presenting radio programmes. A similar opportunity was made for the children in August during their school holiday.

TWR is also working on installing a new transmitter in Mchinji and host an appreciation dinner on Friday 21st October. The funds raised will go towards the expansion of TWR FM signal to Karonga and Chitipa.

Operating under the theme is “Thus far, has the Lord helped us” from 1 Samuel 12:7, the Silver Jubilee celebrations are an opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness to and through TWR Malawi in the last 25 years, launch a new listeners’ radio project and see a strengthened resource base.

TWR remains committed to holistic programming thereby build good character in the citizens in addition to helping the Church in its mission to reach people through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We remain committed to provide information, inspiration and entertainment in Malawi.

As such ongoing financial support, patronage and sponsorship especially in this special season will help TWR continue to being useful to Malawi and beyond. For details on how to support (which will be acknowledged publicly), contact the undersigned.


Victor Kaonga,
National Director (Mobile 0999338902)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Malawi Cabinet Out

Malawi President, Professor Bingu wa Mutharika has finally announced a cabinet which he dissolved on August 19, 2011. Here are the names of the new ministers and their ministries effective September 6, 2011:

The State President:
His Excellency Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika
*Commander in Chief: Malawi Defense Force: Malawi Police Service
*Statutory Corporation Policy Direction, National Relief and Disaster Management
*The Civil Service and Civil Society Administration

The First Lady: Her Excellency Madam Callista Mutharika
* National Coordinator: Maternal,Nutrition, Infant and Child Health; Safe Motherhood, Malaria and TB Coordinator

Deputy Minister in the Office of the President and Cabinet - Hon Nicholas Dausi

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Hon. Prof. Peter Arthur Mutharika
Deputy - Hon Kondwani Nakhumwa

Minister of Finance and Development Planning - Hon. Ken Lipenga
Deputy - Hon. Cornelius Mwalwanda

Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development - Hon. Prof. Peter Mwanza
Deputy - Hon. Magret Loka Mauwa
Hon. Kingsley Namakhwa

Minister of Health - Hon. Dr. Jean Kalirani
Deputy - Hon. Ralph Jooma

Minister of Education, Science and Technology - Hon. Dr. George Chaponda
Deputy; Higher Education, Science and Technology - Hon. Oteria Moyo Jere, MP

Deputy; Primary and Secondary Education: Hon. Victor Sajeni

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
- Hon. Ephraim Chiume

Minister of Youth Development and Welfare - Hon. Symon Vuwa Kaunda

Minister of Information and Civil Education - Hon. Patricia Kaliati -

Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment - Hon. Dr. Goodall Gondwe
Deputy -Hon. Vera Faramenga Chelewani

Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure - Hon Sidik Mia
Deputy - Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara

Minister of Industry and Trade - Hon. John Bande

Minister Lands, Housing and Urban Development - Hon. Yunus Mussa
Deputy - Hon. Rev. Christopher Ngwira

Minister of Gender, Child and Community Development - Hon. Reen Kachere
Deputy - Hon. Nasrin Pillane

Minister of Labour
- Hon. Lucius Kanyumba

Minster of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture - Hon Daniel Liwimbi

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development - Hon Hery Mussa
Deputy - Hon. Chimango Chipimpha Mughogho

Minister of Home Affairs and National Defense - Hon Aaron Sangala

Some of the notable names missing out on the list include Hon Billy Kaunda, Professor Etta Banda, Anna Kachikho and Tarsizio Gowelo. The new cabinet will be sworn in 8th September 2011 at New State House in Lilongwe from 13:00hrs.

Missing on the original list is the name of the Vice President, Hon Joyce Banda. The President has also given himself a role to look after the civil society.

Aford wins Rumphi Central Constituency - a vote of no confidence to Bingu

The most talked about by - election in Rumphi Central Constituency finally took place yesterday, 6th September, and unofficial results indicate that Alliance for Democracy (Aford) candidate, Enock Chihana has won. According to results monitored on independent radio, Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Aford got 6,641 votes, DPP 3,197 votes, PP 2,808 votes and PDM 1,654 votes. The Democratic Peoples Party was represented by Norman Nyirenda.

This by election also served as a litmus test for two newly registered parties, Peoples (PP) and PDM backed by the influential Livingstonia Synod. PP and PDM were represented by Chidumba Mkandawire and Peter Chihana respectively. The results show that people of the north are still unpredictable in terms of where their loyalties fall. It also served as a test for the DPP's popularity in the North following some unpopular decisions made against the region.

Some analysts are concluding that the results shows a vote of no confidence to the ruling party and its leader, Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika. "If you add all the votes that the opposition has received it adds up to 14,300 votes total against Bingu and his DPP, while they only got 3,197. This is a landslide win by Aford" claimed one analyst.

If Enock Chihana makes it to Parliament, he will bring the number of its legislators to two the other one being Hon. Khwauli Msiska. Malawi Electoral Commission will announce the official results later in the day. The by-elections follws the death of the former legislator, Prof. Moses Chirambo who passed away last year.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

malawi president's personal house vs a citizen's house

Just wanted to compare these three pictures of peoples houses in Malawi. This is how life is like in Malawi

Mutharika's house in Ndata

Malawian kids playing outside their home.

some of the houses belonging to ordinary malawians.

Monday, September 5, 2011

We dont want war in Malawi!!!! Sitilola

On 6 July 2009 i published this post about war in Malawi and am now publishing it again because of the various issues and threats of war that we are hearing everyday.

here it is

When i switched on my radio this morning, one local radio station was playing a track by Thomas Chibade, Sitilora. The musician urges the leaders to maintain peace that Malawi is experiencing. He goes on to sing about how wars in several african countries is affecting people. He concludes with the title of the song sitilora.

I totally agree with Chibade that as Malawians we will not allow that this country should be involved in any war. We cannot support leaders who preach about or encourage war in our peaceful country. We have seen how our friends have been affected by wars in the different countries in Africa and beyond. I had time to talk to a few people who had been directly affected by the Mozambican war both Malawians and Mozambicans. They are some who are still being affected by the what happened even after the war ended a few years back. Thats why Chibade sings that the leaders will reconcile afterwards even though our relatives have died and our property destroyed.

As we celebrate the 45 years of independence, lets put this in mind. We don't want any war in Malawi. We have been a peaceful nation save for a few acts of violence that claimed lives of fellow Malawians. We have just been rated the second peaceful country in the world. Let us maintain it.

The announcer at the local radio station seemed to know that the source of conflicts in many of the waring countries are leaders because the next song he played was Tigonjerane by Billy Kaunda. In Tigonjerane, Billy urges all Malawians to accept other people's views. He says tolerance should start in the family, churches and in political parties. There is no better time to play this song than now when we are celebrating independence a few months after we had elections. Though fair and peaceful other quarters are failing to digest the results.

We have a choice to remain a peaceful nation and continue being called the "warm heart of Africa" or follow the path of other nations. It all goes back to our day to day living, our leaders decisions and tolerance of other people's views. That's why i totally agree with Billy Kaunda and Thomas Chibade that Tiyeni tigonjerane and Sitilora kuti muyambitse nkhondo muno.

malawi gospel music project X

I have teamed up with some guys to come up with a project to train young Christians in singing gospel music. The project is called Project X and has 15 young men and women from St James CCAP Church in Zingwangwa.

I have grown to like music by the likes of Hillsongs of Australia, Don Moen and Micheal W Smith and i have always wanted to hear the same type of music played by my fellow Malawians. Unfortunately am not good at singing so i decided to team up with some guys to run this project. am mostly doing the administration part while Cassius Ndovie is concentrating on the technical part.

Project X is modelled after groups like Hillsongs and Integrity Music. We plan to train the guys to be individual artists both in singing and playing instruments. Since May we have been inviting various professionals to teach the youths some aspects of music. A sample of the songs they have managed to compose and record so far can be found and downloaded here


This ambitious project will require alot money and we are asking people who are willing to help us with this project to contact me and i will email them the Project X Concept Paper.

are the negotiations benefiting the average Malawian??

I have been following the negotiations between the civil society and the Malawi government with keen interest. As someone who truly believed in the need to make our demands known to the government through the 20 july demonstrations, i hoped that the dialogue way will help us. In fact i was happy that the civil society cancelled the august 17 vigil paving way for the UN led dialogue. If what we are reading in the papers and listening on the radios is to go by, the whole dialogue issue has lost track. It makes me wonder if the whole thing is for the interest of us, Malawians.

divisions in the civil society

The leaders of the civil society are taking for granted the support we gave them on 20 july and they now think that they have the mandate to speak on behalf of all Malawians. Much as we support most of the points they are raising in their petitions, there still need to consult the people on the ground on what they need to speak on the dialogue table. We now hear of divisions within the civil society groupings. These cannot be avoided because they have different agendas and opinions on various issues affecting Malawians. The fact that they came together on 20 july does not mean that they are one group and in fact they were operating using their different names. For example, Malawi Congress of Trade Unions, HRCC, Congoma and CEDEP are some of the groups that took part in those demonstrations.

One thing that we need to accept is the fact that most Malawians are keen to see a change in the administration of this country. The civil society are just one of those groups who are demanding for a change in this administration. As a grouping which is well placed in advocating for change, the civil society were better placed to mobilise people to demonstrate. But they remain different as they will always be. So we should not read alot from the fact that a section of the civil society has decided to revive the Forum for the Defence of Democracy which was very active during the time of fighting Muluzi's third term bid.

Malawi for Malawians

Some leaders think they are more Malawian than some of us. The fact that we chose them to represent us in various capacities does not make them superior. They might be rich, famous or well educated but they are just as Malawian as the rest of us. This country belongs to all of us. Am saying this because of some leaders who are lashing out at fellow Malawians simply because they have criticised their ideas. every Malawian has an opinion on an issue be it human rights, governance or any other issue. It is not possible for all the 14 million plus Malawians to agree on one thing. A good leader is supposed to respect other peoples views and opinions and make conclusions based on these opinions.

In a democracy, the fact that a ruling party is given a majority does not guarantee that we will be in agreement with every decision they will make. This is where some quarters of the ruling party are getting it wrong. It is a fact that Malawi is going through problems and it is good that all Malawians come together and find a solution to the problems. It is very unfair to ignore the views of us the common people who voted for you. We put you in power to make our lives better and with the same powers we voted you into power, we can take you out.

we need respect

The fact that we have different opinions with the head of state does not make us stupid or drunkards. It is very unfair to be insulted by the person who i voted into power simply because i cant agree with him on some issues. Malawians are not fools and will never be fools. They know what they need in life and they will fight for it if there is need to fight. To be called names in public rallies will not bring food on ones table and it will not bring water in the rural areas.

We all know what is needed in villages and towns so we dont need to be lectured whether fuel affects the villagers or not. Our leaders need to have our needs at heart and not their own needs at heart.

genuine dialogue

I believe that the majority of Malawians are in need of a genuine way of negotiations and not the lip service we are getting now. Its time to get serious and make our country a better place to live. I, like many other Malawians have no ther country to be proud of, thats why we are doing everything possible to make this country better for our own good and for the good of the coming generations. God bless Malawi

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

blogging from muwa village

Its been over five years since  i last went to the village and this time it was a very good experience. It was my very first time to go alone to My home village, Muwa, T/A Chikulamayembe. Am writing now from a cafe at Rumphi Boma just to let the world know that i can browse from the confines of my villages.

It was quite an experience to meet my relatives and all the other kinsmen in the village. Was even more interesting to explain to the people their what actually happened on 20th May in Blantyre and other cities.

I will be writing more details of the trip in the following posts as of now am busy explaining what internet means to the relatives i have come with here. In fact i had to find very suitable words to explain where i was going to do.

Friday, July 22, 2011