Saturday, September 19, 2015

American Satirical website mocks Prof Mutharika and Malawi Government

Bold Move! The popular American satirical website, Clickhole, surprisingly published a story mocking Malawian President, Prof Peter wa Mutharika and the Malawi government. In a story titled, Bold Move: Malawi Just Called Julia Roberts Their National Treasure.

The story mockingly claims that Prof Mutharika posted on his Twitter page that the award winning American Actress, Julia Roberts is a Malawian National Treasure. Clickhole went ahead to post photos of the tweets.

The satirical site further claims that the Malawian leader called Malawians are hard working because Julia Roberts, a Malawian, became successful.

In the same post, Clickhole posted a picture of Julia Roberts 'dancing' Likwata with Malawian Yao women. The picture is clearly photoshopped.

A check at Prof Mutharika's twitter page shows that he last posted a tweet on 15 May 2014. He has not been active on Twitter using this twitter handle. The other 'Malawi government' twitter handle has a wrong spelling (@malwiGvt) and is not available on Twitter.

It is not yet clear as to why Clickhole chose Malawi and its leader for this post. Clickhole is owned by another popular political satirical, The Onion.