Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lilongwe's Kufumbi minibus terminal in bad shape

If you stay in areas 36, 22, 23, 24, Biwi, Kawale, Chilinde and surrounding areas, chances are that you might have boarded a minibus at a bus terminal popularly known as 'Kufumbi'. Even worse you use this depot everyday to connect to other areas like 25, 49, 47, and old town. Assuming you are not staying in the mentioned areas but you use the main depot to board long distance buses, it is possible you have experienced the worst conditions you can imagine as a commuter.

'Kufumbi' (dust) stage is as dusty as its name suggests. It is about 200 meters away from the main bus depot and the only nearest minibus stage for the areas 25, 49, and surrounding areas. The place is in a very bad shape and not worthy to be used as a minibus terminal. There are very big holes on the ground (big potholes).

A lot of minibuses struggle to find space and even to go out of the terminal once they are filled. It takes ages for one minibus to find its way out of the terminal.

Even drivers struggle to properly drive their minibuses in a tightly packed area like 'Kufumbi'. There are even special skilled drivers who help others to properly drive out of the mess. It is a very big challenge to commuters who use this terminal as they mostly find themselves late for work or sometimes end up very dirty from the dust. The rainy season will be even worse as the ground will be muddy and slipery.

Amidst all this mess, there are officals from the Minibus Owners Association who collect money from the minibuses daily. Nobody has taken an initiative to maintain this area or relocated the minibus terminal.

There is a terminal nearby meant for the same minbuses which is also packed at times but minibus drivers prefer to use 'Kufumbi' because it is near the depot.