Friday, October 29, 2010

answered prayer

Less than 24 hours ago, I wrote about the problem we are experiencing with the zain internet in Muloza. Am glad to write that we are back online.

We have been connected to the wonderful world of zain internet. We can now browse, atleast for now. Am not sure if this network is here for good, but am happy that I can access the net anytime on my HTC TYTN II and zain 3G dongle.

Thanks Zain Malawi. Thanks Saulos Chilima and staff.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two weeks without zain internet in Muloza

It all started as a small problem which we all thought will last for a few hours. Zain internet just stopped working and we could not access the net on our mobile phones or dongles. A few hours turned into days, days into 2 weeks and we are still counting.

Muloza border is just over 20KM from Mulanje boma but one can access the internet at Mulanje, Chitakale and surrounding areas.

We have called Zain customer care several times getting assurance that the problem will be rectified but days are passing we still can't connect.

I was forced to buy a sim card for Zain's competitors, TNM just to be updated on various issues. At times I use Mozambican mCel sim card just to make ends meet.

I love Zain's internet because its cheaper and faster but this problem has left me wondering how serious they are. One can claim that the area am staying at is not as busy as the cities are, but be reminded that the mobile technology revolution is changing things. People are now using their mobile phones to access the internet from remote places including Muloza.

Zain Malawi please connect us to the internet for we are starving. Some of us had just subscribed to the Zain monthly data bundle but we've hardly used it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More respect to my mum

I called her this morning just to wish her a happy mothers day. She was happy as always reminding me to work hard.

She worked hard to raise us amidst the many problems she met along the way. She made sure that we go to school and was very worried if we din't do well in class.

What stuck in my mind is the time she started selling mandasi to raise money for my transport. I was doing my secondary school at Zingwangwa Secondary while we were staying in Machinjiri. I had to take 4 minbuses a day to and from school which was quite expensive. But mum managed to pay for all this.

This day reminds me all the goodies that my mum has done for me and my relatives. I also value what other mothers and women have done to us. The world would have been a dull place without women.

Apart from my mum (anyanduna) I also salute my mum's sister (Aunt Bella), all the ankhazi and Mrs Malemia. Happy Mothers day!!!