Thursday, June 25, 2009


When am not busy with my paid job, I take time to coordinate for various organisations who send volunteers in Malawi including Volunteering Solutions and Advance Africa . Like I have done several times before, this month I had an opportunity of coordinating Caitriona Rogerson and Natasha Fitzpatrick's stay in Malawi.

They are from Ireland and volunteered for two weeks at Zingwangwa Primary school in Blantyre. They taught English, Music, Drama and several other things. Below are some of the pictures they took during their time of volunteering:

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A day after the cabinet was announced several commentators have continued to express their views on the composition of the cabinet. Most of them are surprised with the relocation of Hon. Goodall Gondwe who has been moved to Local Government and Rural Development. It is believed that the recent economic gains that Malawi has experienced in last five years are a result of Gondwe's efforts. He has since been replaced with Hon. Ken Kandodo a relative to Malawi's first President the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

While others are taking time to comment on The Finance Ministry, many others are condemning the President for choosing a big cabinet. Public Affairs Committee (PAC) Chairman, Fr. Boniface Tamani could not hide his surprise at the number of elected ministers. He claims that the number is too big for Malawi's economy.

The cabinet has 11 women including the Vice President, 4 Professors, 4 Doctors including Dr Mutharika himself and it has members of parliament from all the four regions of Malawi. Here are all the members of cabinet based on the region and constituency they are representing;


Hon. Prof. Moses Chirambo - Rumphi Central
Hon. Ephraim Chiume - Nkhatabay North
Hon. Prof. Eta Elizabeth Banda - Nkhatabay South
Hon. Prof. Peter Nelson Mwanza - Mzuzu City
Hon. Dr. Goodall Edward Gondwe - Mzimba North
Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara - Mzimba North East
Hon. Billy Kaunda - Mzimba West
Hon. Abbie Marambika Shaba - Mzimba East


Hon. McJones Mzondi Mandala Shaba - Kasungu North
Hon. Otria Moyo-Jere - Kasungu West
Hon. Grenenger K. Msulira Banda - Kasungu East
Hon. Ken Edward Kandodo - Kasungu Central
Hon. Augustine Mtendere - Kasungu North East
Hon. Daniel Liwimbi - Nkhotakota North East
Hon. Victor Bandala Sanjeni Sangazaudzu - Ntchisi East
Hon. Leckford Mwanza Thotho - Dowa North East
Hon. Theresa Gloria Mwale - Mchinji West
Hon. Shadreck Jonasi - Lilongwe City Centre


Hon. Steven Stafford Kamwendo - Ntcheu Bwanje North
Hon. Dr. Lucius Grandson Kanyumba - Ntcheu Bwanje South
Hon. Joyce Banda - Zomba Malosa (But will no longer be MP)
Hon. Annie Lemani Singani Anambewe - Zomba Thondwe
Hon. Yunus Mussa - Zomba Central


Hon. Eunice Kazembe - Chiradzulu South
Hon. Magret Roka-Mauwa - Chiradzulu North
Hon. Aaron Mpupsya Sangala - Blantyre Malabada
Hon. John Francis Bande - Blantyre City East
Hon. Tarsiziu Thomie Gowelo - Blantyre City West
Hon. Kingsley Sostines Namakhwa - Thyolo Central
Hon. Prof. Peter Aurthur Mutharika - Thyolo South West
Hon. Felton Mulli - Phalombe Central
Hon. Anna Andrew Namathanga Kachikho - Phalombe North
Hon. Ritchie Bizwick Muheya - Mulanje South
Hon. Frazer Nihorya Nkhoma - Mulanje Limbuli
Hon. Dr. George Thapatula Chaponda - Mulanje South West
Hon. Patricia Annie Kaliati - Mulanje West
Hon. Mohammed Sidik Mia - Chikwawa Nkombedzi
Hon. Grain Wyson Phillip Malunga - Chikwawa North
Hon. Francis Lazalo Kasaira - Nsanje Central
Hon. Reen Bessie Kachere - Neno South

The Ministers were expected to be sworn in at 9am at the New State house in lilogwe while the Deputies will be sworn in from 3pm at the same state house.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Almost a month after being reelected to the office of the President of Malawi, Dr Bingu wa Mutharika has named his first cabinet. There has been alot of expectations from the general public as to who will be chosen in the cabinet. Just as the President said a few weeks ago, the cabinet is full of surprises. Here is a list of Ministers and Deputies who will be sworn in on Thursday (18th June) at the New State House in Lilongwe;

President : Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika
Vice President : Hon. Joyce Banda

Agriculture and Food Security : Hon.Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika
Deputy : Hon. Margret Mauwa

Foreign Affairs : Hon. Prof. Etta Banda
Deputy : Hon. Augustine Mtendere

Finance : Hon. Ken Kandodo Banda
Deputy : Hon. Frazer Nihorya Nkhoma

Development Planning and Cooperation : Hon. Abbie Marambika Shaba
Deputy : Hon. Daniel Liwimbi

Transport and Works : Hon. Khumbo Kachali
Deputy : Hon. Lazaro Kasaira

Lands, Housing and Urban Development : Hon. Prof Peter Mwanza
Deputy : Hon. Tarsiziu Tony Gowelo

Irrigation : Hon. Ritchie Bizwick Muyewa
Deputy: Gringer Musolira Banda

Justice : Hon. Prof Peter Authur Mutharika

Tourism and Wildlife : Hon. Anna Kachikho
Deputy : Hon. Shadreck Jonasi

Labour : Hon. Yunus Mussa
Deputy: Hon. John Bande

Education : Hon. Dr. George Chaponda
Deputy (Higher Education, Science and Technology) : Hon. Otilia Moyo-Jere
(Primary Education) : Hon. Victor Sajeni

Disabilities and Aged : Hon. Reen Kachere
Deputy : Hon. Felton Mulli

Information and Civic Education : Hon. Lenford Mwanza
Deputy : Hon. Kingsley Namakhwa

Industry and Trade : Hon. Eunice Kazembe
Deputy : Hon. Steven Stanford Kamwendo

Gender, Children and Community Development : Hon. Patricia Kaliati
Deputy : Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara

Sports and Youth Dev : Hon. Dr. Lucius Kanyumba
Deputy : Hon. Billy Kaunda

Health : Hon. Prof. Moses Chirambo
Deputy: Hon. Gloria Mwale

National Defense : Hon. Sidik Mia

Home Affairs : Hon. Aaron Sangala
Deputy : Hon. Annie Lemani

Natural Resources Energy : Hon. Glen Wyson Malunga
Deputy : Hon. Ephraim Chiume

Local Government : Hon. Goodall Gondwe
Deputy : Hon. Mc Jones Mandala Shaba

Some notable names missing out in the cabinet include Dr. Ken Lipenga, Roy Comsy,Henry Chimunthu Banda, Symon Vuwa Kaunda, Henry Phoya and Davis Katsonga.It remains to be seen as to how the general public will react to the new cabinet as there has been calls for a leaner cabinet and chosen on merit.

Meanwhile, Malawi Parliament is expected to start meeting on Monday the 22 June 2009 where they will elect a new Speaker and Deputies.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


It is confirmed! For the next coming year I will be operating from Mulanje District some 120Km away from Blantyre. I have just received a letter informing me of this decision from my employers. Being a person who loves working outside town, it will not be difficult to cope up with life in this area.
Mulanje is a district which borders with Mozambique, and i will be working right at the border called Muloza. We interact with different kinds of people from various nationalities who pass through this border.
It is not a busy border town per se but alot of activities takes place and the fact that i will be meeting people of different nationalities makes me happy. I love chatting with people from different countries and share experiences. Hope we meet the next time you use Muloza Border.
I will continue updating this blog with more interesting news, pictures and updates from my new base. Mulanje is where the biggest mountain in Central Africa is located and it can be seen from our offices!! I will be posting pictures soon....