Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Citizen's Apology to Britain and Malawi's Development Partners

On behalf of my fellow Malawians I write an apology to Her Majesty and the people of United Kingdom for the expulsion of their envoy, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet, in our country, Malawi back in April 2011. I might not be better positioned to make this apology but it is very necessary to make this apology because we are the people who are feeling the effects of your decision to withhold aid. There are people whom we trusted to make these decisions on our behalf but of late they have abandoned us constructively that is why we have decided to come in the open and say what the majority needs to be done.

From the time Your Majesty decided to without aid to us, life has not been easy because you were the main bilateral donor to us. Being an influential country, many other partners followed your example of withholding aid to us though some have different reasons ranging from poor governance and poor human rights record. Your Majesty is a very busy person but i know that you have advisers who update you on what is happening in the Malawi since you left with your aid package. Here are some of the problems we are facing:


From April, we have been experiencing very serious Forex and Fuel scarcities affecting our day to day lives. Malawians are finding it hard to make ends meet in the wake of these problems which are getting worse each passing day. The biggest problem is that the people whom we trusted with solving these problems are ignoring us. They seem not to have a clear answer to this problem. We the majority of Malawians know that the root cause of these scarcities is your decision to withhold aid hence this apology. We are on our knees asking you to reconsider this decision for the sake of the people who are suffering, the lives we are losing each passing day for lack of fuel in ambulances, lack of medicine in hospitals and many more serious problems.


You surely have heard about 20 July 2011. This is the day that Malawians decided to tell the leadership that they have had enough of the suffering. Thousands took to the streets, led by the civil society, to make their voices heard. It is very sad that in the course of exercising this constitutional right, police fired teargas and live bullets on people and 20 people lost their lives. Since then things have completely changed in the country. We are no longer free in our own country. Activists houses are being burnt in broad daylight and investigations on these are not getting anywhere. Even this apology will attract very serious results to yours truly.


Because of the scarcity of Forex and Fuel, commodity prices are rising each passing day affecting us very badly. The cost of living has risen very highly in the past months. Basic goods like food, medicine and other services have become very expensive regardless of the fact that our salaries are still the same. For an average Malawian who lives below a dollar per day, it is very tough to take care of their families. Even the zero deficit budget is leaving its dangerous marks on the lives of Malawians. It is at these times that we need our developmental friends to give us a hand.


We ask you Your Majesty, The European Union, IMF, American President, Germany and all the development partners to consider resuming aid to Malawi. It might not be directly through the government but you can find a way to help out suffering citizens. We know the idea of coming up with a zero deficit budget was partly an insult to you because you have been standing with us all these years and we cant just abandon you and claim that we are standing on our own.

We eagerly wait for your positive response.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Malawians are doing serious business on Facebook

Gone are the days when you could log in on Facebook simply because you don't have anything serious to do or just to update your status. Malawians have found a way of using this social networking site to do serious business. From the popular Malawi Fuel Watch to the Lets do business group, Malawians have enough reasons to spend more time on the Mark Zuckerberg's website.

People are selling and buying various things on this page free of charge. Ranging from Cars, Cellphones, Clothes, Computers and even advertising various services, Malawians are really making big money. The group now has 2461 members as of today, 24 October 2011.

To join the group you send a request to the group's email address: lets.do.business@groups.facebook.com and you will be added by any member of the group.

At least you can now take a break from commenting the various political groups that have been created on Facebook and do something that will bring food on your table!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Robert Chasowa Mystery Untangled

This 'Robert Chasowa Mystery Untangled' was originally published on mediafire for all of us to download and read. In order to publicise this message i publish it on this blog without taking sides or adding anything.

“The Info in this publication was put together by an intensive interview with Duncan Phiri in the presence of several Polytechnic lecturers and interviews with several Poly students. Let it be known that if the remaining members of Chasowa’s click are hurt in any way, it is the people implicated in this document trying to silence them.”


Robert Chasowa had links with a grouping called New Vision Youth Organisation (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Group’)
Grouping was formed between 2001 and 2002 by Duncan Phiri, Phaniso Mhone and Justice Kangulu (a childhood friend to Chasowa who recruited him [Chasowa] into the fold of the grouping)

The group was into various socio-economic activities, and it survived on rewards from reporting Tax evasion to MRA.
The organisation planned to stop demonstrations planned for August 17 2011 in favour of dialogue with the national president.

Towards this end, the grouping through Duncan (0992222277) at 6:30pm, Saturday 13 August 2011 phoned the Malawi Police Inspector General Peter Mukitho (0888203776) to link them up with the president so that the group could lay down its plan to him in person.

Mukitho liked the idea and on the same evening instructed Southern Region Police Commissioner, José to make contact with the group to get a more vivid picture of what the group was really about.
9:30PM same day, José (0888866369) called Duncan to arrange for a meeting on the following morning (Sunday 14 August).

José met Duncan at Green Corner (along Chikwawa Road) and drove to Mirale in Toyota Corolla as Duncan explained the group’s agenda. José talked to Mukitho who ordered that José drive the group to Lilongwe at once.
José and Duncan drove to the Polytechnic where they met Robert to inform him of the trip to Lilongwe. The rest of the group members were also told.

Around 1PM the next day Robert, Duncan, Phaniso (minus Justice who was on the day attending a family tombstone unveiling ceremony) were driven to Lilongwe by José, at Chingeni the group even stopped to talk to Justice who was driving back to Blantyre from the family ceremony, they briefed him of the trip.
Between 6 and 7pm the group arrived in Lilongwe and it was Robert who explained the groups aims to the IG, they were offered Chivas and Robert being of sober orientation had some soft but expensive refreshments.
The IG walked out for a good five to 10 minutes and talked to the president and returned with K50,000 bundles which he distributed to each member and even gave another K50,000 for Justice.

Mukitho told the group that they couldn’t meet the president and instead just asked what the group needed to carry out its plan.
Phaniso suggested K300, 000 but the IG countered with K500, 000 and made a promise that if the group was successful in thwarting the 17 August demos, TEN MILLION KWACHA awaited the group.

The group made demands of a car, an office space, two Ipads, two laptops, three desktops, a colour printer, two digicams, two still cameras, a laminating machine, three sensitive recorders and a perforating machine.
The IG provided all the above (in cash?) and offered the group another round of Chivas for the group to carry with them on their way back to Blantyre.

José drove the group to Kameza in Blantyre where they met Justice {at this point José left}. Justice happens to be Black Moses’ cousin. The group spent the night at Black Moses’ house.

On 15th August around 11 AM, Commissioner José called the group to come pick up their the promised essentials: Money amounting to K300,000 and a car (Suzuki Jimmy) rented for three months from Country Wide Car Hire registration Number MN 2452. The things were picked up by Justice.

The group paid K140, 000 upfront in rentals for a house in Nkolokosa belonging to a Mr Mathanga (K35 grand per month)


1. Robert bought over 10 influential students from Polytechnic with a promise of a K200, 000 from the TEN MILLION promised by Mukitho.

2. The Group won over Ken Msonda and Black Moses with a promise of K250, 000. Msonda was instantly given K6000.00 as transport money and he went over to radios spreading Anti-demonstration messages, Msonda also won over Undule Mwakasungula over the same. Hajat was approached by Black Moses and was reluctant but amicable to the group’s ideas of “No-Demos.”

3. Chancellor college students proved a problem to buy over as they were not learning and thus showed no mercy to the government and were in total support of the demos. However Duncan spoke of Robert and Black Moses successfully buying over one Symon if not Symon Mchawe who he said was given K15,000 and that he is the student that reported Associate Professor Blessings Chinsinga to the police after he gave a revolutionary example in class.

4. Robert, Duncan and Phaniso also courted Catholic University students and promised them K1500, 000 for their cooperation.

5. Robert urged the Polytechnic Student Union (PSU) to issue anti-demo statements but this was to no avail.

6. Robert went on air to speak against demonstrations and called for dialogue

NB: The university students, especially the Polytechnic were the ring leaders in the 20 July Demonstrations and the group targeted them to talk them out. Each of the groups’ moves was reported to some police as progress.


After the Demos were cancelled, the group took that as success but the relationship with the police soured especially with the IG failing to give the TEN MILLION KWACHA.

On 20 August José called Robert and Justice to their Nkolokosa offices and accused them of being too slow and that the police had to use some other grouping (CSO?). José also told Chasowa and Justice that the police had convinced Civil Society Organisations by itself hence the cancellation of the 10 million deal
On 23rd August the Suzuki was returned to the police on Jose’s instructions
The grouping was bombarded with demands for money from the bought over Poly students, the Catholic University students and Ken Msonda.

The group even bought a simcard (0994378323) for Msonda to talk to the IG himself on why the money was delaying. Msonda sensed trouble from what he discussed with Mukitho and told the group to drop the matter.
Group rented out the offices to a tenant identified by Justice at K105, 000


Robert was bitter and joined YDF where he and his mates: Black Moses and a Chikapa sourced sensitive information from Kamlepo Kaluwa, Rafiq Hajat, Ken Lipenga and other disgruntled DPP high ranking officials to publish in their “Weekly Political Update.”

Robert kept calling José, Mukitho and Peter Mutharika (0999005276) to remind them of the money that was supposed to be given; he [Robert] even created a special email that he used to talk to Peter Mutharika.
One day Robert and Justice called Peter and he gave the phone to Mulli and Masangwi who told them off.
Justice also talked to Masangwi in his car.
Robert was frustrated, he called José and said that he would go public on 27 September if the money was not given by then.
Two days earlier, he had already talked to Nyasa Times but didn’t shed more light on the gravity of his war with DPP.


8PM/ 23rd September, Robert speaks to his lawyer (Trouble Kalua) about his being wanted by police.
12AM, 24 September, Robert arrives in his room in the company of Ndagha Mkandawire (his classmate), they pick up poems to go study them at Ndaghas place (about 300 metres away)

1PM Robert is spotted in the student’s common room where Ndagha came to buy a cigarette

1PM a VW Carvella parks just outside Poly campus near the Police Headquarters inside are five people one stays in and the four go to Poly student’s common room.

2AM, Allan, Robert’s roomie finds several missed calls of a new number, he calls back and Robert answers and says that that is his new number and that he was at Ndagha’s place.

3.33AM Exactly, Robert leaves Ndagha’s room for his place

Around 4AM, four strangers leave Poly campus, they seem in a hurry.

Around 4AM KAMU Security Guards who were guarding the campus on that day, (KAMU = a company Belonging to Mulli Brothers) thought they saw some people pulling on someone and thought it was just drunken students

Around 5AM, Robert is found Dead about 400 metres away from Poly students common room and Ndagha’s Hostel, where he was

Chasowa lost very little blood (not more than a litre) showing that he was not killed by a fall, loss of blood and most importantly that the blood came out via rigor mortis (if the heart was still pumping, there would be a lake of blood) this shows that he was dead before he bled.

Chasowas had dust on his knees, showing that he had knelt….what this the time he was being forced to write the suicide notes?

Chasowa still had his inner shirt tucked in…this shows that he didn’t resist or struggle to his death.

Chasowa was found lying face down, but the face had no dents to show that he had fallen, his shoulders and all parts of his body had no fracture to show that he had fallen.

Chasowa was found about 10 metres from a place where over 6 years ago a guard had fallen to his death and there was brains and blood spread all over….that was not the case with Chasowa
Chasowa had a clean slit just above his neck; it looked like it had been delivered by a sharp edge like a panga.

The place where Chasowa was found is surrounded by about five security guards within the ranges of 5, 20, 10 10 and 25 metres and none of those guards had heard a thud or cry.

Chasowa’s room keys were still in his pocket but the phone he had used to call his roommate at 2am was in his room.
Chasowa was an Adventist and also a Pentecostal sympathiser, suicide was out of the question.


Why did police investigators only spend 5 minutes on the crime scene and ask nobody else but his roommate and Ndagha and yet come up with a report?
Why did police work over the weekend to release a report when they cannot even give bail over the weekend?
Why did they confiscate Ndagha’s computer [which Robert used a lot] when they had already found a suicide note?
Who put back Robert’s phone in his locker? When? Is he/she not the one who planted the suicide notes?
Why were the suicide notes misaddressed? Would a son address a letter to a dead brother when he meant to address the father?
Why was the case handled by the national police spokesperson when it fell under the regional police?
Why hasn’t Mukitho or José admitted that they knew Robert?
Why was there no DPP presence at Roberts’s funeral?

Robert gave away his position by visiting the student’s common room, the spies on campus then alerted the assailants, the assailants were also in that very bar!

There is about 20 metres of unguarded and dark open space between Ndagha’s hostel [where Robert was] and the next hostel. As Robert stepped into this darkness he was tasered by a stun gun (electric immobilizer) which have just been purchased in their thousands by the Malawi Police or he was hit by a blunt object on back base of his skull. He was then dragged (hence the dust in the knees) to the point where he was found (hence the absence of blood trails).
The killers then knew that the place was surrounded by guards so they dumped him and gored his head to make sure that he was very dead…and then they left.

Robert died with a look of surprise, open eyes and open mouth and the areas surrounding the eyes were red with blood (internal bleeding). That shows that the blow from behind was so powerful that it nearly ruptured his eyes, the surprise in his eyes might be the fact that the killers were people he knew well and hence didn’t expect the blow….the police? Remember the group reported their progress to some police officers? They could have rang him to come discuss the issue and then attacked him. Also note that earlier, police had been coming to talk to the Poly academic registrar (Chirambo) about Chasowa’s role in YDF. Why not just call him and arrest him?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Malawi Politics on its lowest mark

It does not get lower than this. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.

There is no party or political grouping which impresses me or many more Malawians. Here is a what is happening in the parties that has prompted me to come with this conclusion:


A party which everyone wanted to be associated with in 2009. DPP had all the support it needed to last the second five year term but along the way it lost most of that support. With all the state machinery at their disposal, the could have sustained that support and build a strong foundation of the party. The DPP is now failing to set clear agendas instead its leaders are busy refuting or denying claims about them.

For a ruling party we expected its leaders to be on television, radio and newspapers promoting its agendas and developent programs. Contrary to this, the daily press conferences the DPP leaders are addressing are meant to refute, accuse or comment on petty issues.

At a very critical time in Malawi's history, the ruling party choose to be in a defensive mood instead of offering solutions. Our respected ministers, members of parliament and party leaders are out to deal with individuals who have different opinions on certain issues. If they are not browsing the internet to find a negative story, then they are at the Registrar of CSO's to check how many organisations come from the north.

It will not come as a surprise if one respected leader will refute this article.


There is no party with so much experience in running a democratic country like UDF. With 10 years experience, the UDF should have been a party to look up to in terms of intraparty democracy. It seems there is just too much for this party to learn. There is so much love of positions in this party to the extent of forgetting the ideals of the party, if any. At a time when Malawians are looking for altenative parties, UDF is busy dividing itself into small block that is only confusing people. By the time the UDF will be finished with suspensions, firings and disciplinings, it will be too late to convince the Malawians to vote for them. There is one solution to UDF's problems and that is to find who owns the party and do what he wants to be done.


A new kid on the block. Malawians are good sympathisers. Everytime we have a funeral in the villages, alot of people stop whatever they were doing to attend. We always side with the victims regardless of the facts on the ground. In 2009, the DPP won the general election with a majority simply because Malawians sympathised with the party.

The PP is getting support out of sympathy simply because its leader, Hon. Joyce Banda, is being victimized by government. But to critically look at the agendas of the party, there is nothing new to offer. In my opinion , someone is out to settle scores and is planning to use our votes to achieve that. This is childish.


There is no time in Malawi's political history that MCP acted as a democratic party. Its leaders can claim that but their actions speak otherwise. They are even more childish. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.