Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Malawi Politics on its lowest mark

It does not get lower than this. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.

There is no party or political grouping which impresses me or many more Malawians. Here is a what is happening in the parties that has prompted me to come with this conclusion:


A party which everyone wanted to be associated with in 2009. DPP had all the support it needed to last the second five year term but along the way it lost most of that support. With all the state machinery at their disposal, the could have sustained that support and build a strong foundation of the party. The DPP is now failing to set clear agendas instead its leaders are busy refuting or denying claims about them.

For a ruling party we expected its leaders to be on television, radio and newspapers promoting its agendas and developent programs. Contrary to this, the daily press conferences the DPP leaders are addressing are meant to refute, accuse or comment on petty issues.

At a very critical time in Malawi's history, the ruling party choose to be in a defensive mood instead of offering solutions. Our respected ministers, members of parliament and party leaders are out to deal with individuals who have different opinions on certain issues. If they are not browsing the internet to find a negative story, then they are at the Registrar of CSO's to check how many organisations come from the north.

It will not come as a surprise if one respected leader will refute this article.


There is no party with so much experience in running a democratic country like UDF. With 10 years experience, the UDF should have been a party to look up to in terms of intraparty democracy. It seems there is just too much for this party to learn. There is so much love of positions in this party to the extent of forgetting the ideals of the party, if any. At a time when Malawians are looking for altenative parties, UDF is busy dividing itself into small block that is only confusing people. By the time the UDF will be finished with suspensions, firings and disciplinings, it will be too late to convince the Malawians to vote for them. There is one solution to UDF's problems and that is to find who owns the party and do what he wants to be done.


A new kid on the block. Malawians are good sympathisers. Everytime we have a funeral in the villages, alot of people stop whatever they were doing to attend. We always side with the victims regardless of the facts on the ground. In 2009, the DPP won the general election with a majority simply because Malawians sympathised with the party.

The PP is getting support out of sympathy simply because its leader, Hon. Joyce Banda, is being victimized by government. But to critically look at the agendas of the party, there is nothing new to offer. In my opinion , someone is out to settle scores and is planning to use our votes to achieve that. This is childish.


There is no time in Malawi's political history that MCP acted as a democratic party. Its leaders can claim that but their actions speak otherwise. They are even more childish. In my assessment, it seems Malawi's politics has reached the lowest ebb. There is too much childish and lack of maturity going around.