Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Malawi Vigil Injunctions lifted. Not sure if I will attend 21st September 2011 vigil

The High Court has ruled that there should be nationwide demonstrations and vigils on September 21 as planned by the civil society.

Concerned citizens led by Dr. Yohane Mlambe, through lawyers Christopher Chiphwanya and Frank Mbeta sought an injunction to block nationwide vigils arguing “organising any nationwide demonstrations, vigils or mass protests poses national security threats”. This is a second ruling for the day on the same injunction after the court gave a similar ruling earlier in the morning. The defense team later appealed.

This means the vigil is on tomorrow in all the cities pending the authorities given by the city fathers of the respective cities.

However, am yet to decide if i will be part of the 21 September vigil. Am finding it hard to make a decision because i think this is not the way we should be taking as a country. I very much want to see things change in this country but i prefer a peaceful way. The only reason i took part in the 20 July demonstration was because i thought they will be peaceful only to see a different picture.

If you see me at the vigil tomorrow is simply to update you people who visit my blog. I will go there to get first hand information about things that are happening. I will be updating on twitter, Facebook, Google + and on this blog just to let the whole world know what is happening.

A few minutes before writing this post, i was watching a video of the 20 July demonstrations victims in Mzuzu. Its a very sad and touching video of how these people died and the bullet wounds that they had. I could not fail to shed a tear at what i was seeing. I feel sorry for the families these victims left behind. I dont want this to happen again. Not to me or to any person. I can send you the videos if you email me.

I love my country, Malawi so much so that i will not want to see it going astray simply because some people could not agree on two or three things. I would rather stay home and pray than demonstrate and destroy other peoples property.

Finally, am not clear on why we are demonstrating on 21 September. Or i have not been given enough information. I tried my best to ask for more information from the organisers on why we should hold a vigil but they were not clear. I searched for news in their various updates and releases but still could not be convinced. I also wonder where they got the mandate to hold these vigils after the 20 July demonstrations. Did they ask the people their views? Did they hold rallies or consultations? Who are they speaking for this time around?

I have not been bought as some of you might suggest because am not that cheap. I love my country so much that i will do anything in my capacity to make it a better place to live. Am a nobody in other people's eyes but a very important person to my family, workplace, church and friends.

God bless Malawi