Thursday, September 8, 2011

TransWorld Radio Malawi Celebrates 25 Years on FM - Press Release

Update on and Appeal for Support towards TWR Malawi

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Trans World Radio (TWR) a non-denominational broadcaster seeks the support of individuals, friends, companies, churches and partners towards the celebration of 25 years of work in Malawi.

Since 1986 when its radio work officially started, TWR has seen thousands of lives transformed in Malawi and beyond. This year, we are also celebrating ten years (from 2001) of broadcasting on a national FM network with a clean signal using English, Chichewa, Chitumbuka and Chiyao.

Hundreds of testimonies through letters, emails, SMS and personal meetings abound each month. Many Malawians in one way or the other have been impacted by TWR through its shortwave broadcasts in the early years when work was pioneered by among others former MBC broadcaster Mr. Pearson Chunga (based in Swaziland).

As such, we have organized listener celebrations in Mzuzu on Sunday 25th September 2011 at Katoto Freedom Park. Later on the main celebrations move to Blantyre on Sunday 16th for an inter-denominational thanksgiving morning Service and an open celebration show in the afternoon. The main closing event is on Saturday 22nd October at Lilongwe Community Centre Ground.

Ahead of that other special activities include having women take full charge of the airwaves beginning Monday 12th Sept to 18th September. This is to let women who have never been on air to celebrate in a special way by handling basic production and presenting radio programmes. A similar opportunity was made for the children in August during their school holiday.

TWR is also working on installing a new transmitter in Mchinji and host an appreciation dinner on Friday 21st October. The funds raised will go towards the expansion of TWR FM signal to Karonga and Chitipa.

Operating under the theme is “Thus far, has the Lord helped us” from 1 Samuel 12:7, the Silver Jubilee celebrations are an opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness to and through TWR Malawi in the last 25 years, launch a new listeners’ radio project and see a strengthened resource base.

TWR remains committed to holistic programming thereby build good character in the citizens in addition to helping the Church in its mission to reach people through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. We remain committed to provide information, inspiration and entertainment in Malawi.

As such ongoing financial support, patronage and sponsorship especially in this special season will help TWR continue to being useful to Malawi and beyond. For details on how to support (which will be acknowledged publicly), contact the undersigned.


Victor Kaonga,
National Director (Mobile 0999338902)