Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aford wins Rumphi Central Constituency - a vote of no confidence to Bingu

The most talked about by - election in Rumphi Central Constituency finally took place yesterday, 6th September, and unofficial results indicate that Alliance for Democracy (Aford) candidate, Enock Chihana has won. According to results monitored on independent radio, Zodiak Broadcasting Station, Aford got 6,641 votes, DPP 3,197 votes, PP 2,808 votes and PDM 1,654 votes. The Democratic Peoples Party was represented by Norman Nyirenda.

This by election also served as a litmus test for two newly registered parties, Peoples (PP) and PDM backed by the influential Livingstonia Synod. PP and PDM were represented by Chidumba Mkandawire and Peter Chihana respectively. The results show that people of the north are still unpredictable in terms of where their loyalties fall. It also served as a test for the DPP's popularity in the North following some unpopular decisions made against the region.

Some analysts are concluding that the results shows a vote of no confidence to the ruling party and its leader, Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika. "If you add all the votes that the opposition has received it adds up to 14,300 votes total against Bingu and his DPP, while they only got 3,197. This is a landslide win by Aford" claimed one analyst.

If Enock Chihana makes it to Parliament, he will bring the number of its legislators to two the other one being Hon. Khwauli Msiska. Malawi Electoral Commission will announce the official results later in the day. The by-elections follws the death of the former legislator, Prof. Moses Chirambo who passed away last year.