Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Occupy Malawi Parliament from 28 November 2011

One, two, three, GO! The Occupy ideology which started a few months ago at Zuccoti Park in New York to Occupy Wall Street #OWS has finally landed in Malawi. Plans are underway to have a million people to occupy Malawi Parliament. According to one of the organisers of Occupy Parliament Malawi #OPM, Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Malawians should rise up and remind the Members of Parliament and Government not to work against the citizen but to work with them.

Here is the what Ben Chiza Mkandawire posted on OMP's Facebook page:

Despite our different cultural backgrounds and social contexts, we all suffer the same threats. Our freedom and dignity are under attack as a result of political dynamics in our corrupt government institutions that are turning our societie into increasingly unjust places.

The OCCUPY PARLIAMENT will mobilise the 1million Malawians from all walks of life to force our governments/members of parliament to work with the people and not against them. We Propose that the week starting from the 28th November 2011 be the beginning of protests in Malawi by all of us occupying the space outside our houses of Parliament.

The idea is to organise new forms of action against MPs, government officials and the failure by government to address the current economic and governance woes.

More details as to how people from other districts and cities will be accommodated will be published on this blog as they emerge. Or you can simply join the group on Facebook, follow Ben Chiza Mkandawire, @khadiba, on Twitter or even search #OPM and #OccupyParliament on Twitter.