Friday, November 4, 2011

Time is ripe for a Malawian Revolution

If you thought 20 July 2011 was the last day Malawians demonstrated, I bet you are very wrong, Malawians are bound to go back to the streets sooner than later . The problems Malawians tried to address are still there and are even worse than back then. I would not be surprised if calls to demonstrate will have a very big response. Time is ripe for a big revolution that will probably only stop at regime change.

It was the shortage of fuel and forex that triggered the famous 20 July protests. Then it seemed a problem affecting a small section of the country but now the effects of the twin shortage is being felt to the most basic Malawian. Almost everything that matters is now scarce, from fuel to water and electricity. In response to this prices of commodities are going up each passing day.


Amidst all these problems, nobody seems to take charge of the situation. The President has decided to take a two months long holiday at this critical point. All the Ministers and political leaders who are supposed to address these problems are busy defending statements, speeches or issuing threats. When Malawians are spending the whole day in various queues in search of commodities nobody offers them hope. Should we say the government does not have answers? Is Binge running away from the problems? If Malawians could manage, am sure all the 14 Million people would have taken a holiday.


It seems there is no organized group, as of now, to lead the protests but when the problems hit harder, no one will need a leader. Anger is growing in the people, it can be heard in minibuses, facebook statuses, twitter updates and even in church sermons. WE WILL ALL MARCH UNTIL BABYLON FALLS DOWN!!! We will meet in the streets very soon.....