Friday, December 23, 2011

National Bank of Malawi introduces bank queing system.

One of Malawi's leading commercial bank, National Bank has introduced a new queing system to ease congestions in banking halls. The system involves clients to get numbered tickets on a machine installed at the entrance of the new headoffice. Customers will then sit on the provided chairs to wait for their turn. A number will then be displayed on the LCD screen linking the ticket holder to a specific teller.

The queing system which is on trial basis, will be at the new Hendreson Street Service Centre which is situated at the newly built Head Office opposite Reserve Bank building in Hannover Street. The service centre will be opened on Saturday, 24th December, 2011.

It is the first time for a Malawian commercial bank to use this queing system. In neighbouring countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, queing systems like this are used in banks, immigration and road traffic offices.