Monday, July 6, 2009


When i switched on my radio this morning, one local radio station was playing a track by Thomas Chibade, Sitilora. The musician urges the leaders to maintain peace that Malawi is experiencing. He goes on to sing about how wars in several african countries is affecting people. He concludes with the title of the song sitilora.

I totally agree with Chibade that as Malawians we will not allow that this country should be involved in any war. We cannot support leaders who preach about or encourage war in our peaceful country. We have seen how our friends have been affected by wars in the different countries in Africa and beyond. I had time to talk to a few people who had been directly affected by the Mozambican war both Malawians and Mozambicans. They are some who are still being affected by the what happened even after the war ended a few years back. Thats why Chibade sings that the leaders will reconcile afterwards even though our relatives have died and our property destroyed.

As we celebrate the 45 years of independence, lets put this in mind. We don't want any war in Malawi. We have been a peaceful nation save for a few acts of violence that claimed lives of fellow Malawians. We have just been rated the second peaceful country in the world. Let us maintain it.

The announcer at the local radio station seemed to know that the source of conflicts in many of the waring countries are leaders because the next song he played was Tigonjerane by Billy Kaunda. In Tigonjerane, Billy urges all Malawians to accept other people's views. He says tolerance should start in the family, churches and in political parties. There is no better time to play this song than now when we are celebrating independence a few months after we had elections. Though fair and peaceful other quarters are failing to digest the results.

We have a choice to remain a peaceful nation and continue being called the "warm heart of Africa" or follow the path of other nations. It all goes back to our day to day living, our leaders decisions and tolerance of other people's views. That's why i totally agree with Billy Kaunda and Thomas Chibade that Tiyeni tigonjerane and Sitilora kuti muyambitse nkhondo muno.