Wednesday, February 24, 2010


News that Victor Kaonga, a reknowned Broadcaster, Blogger and Christian has been asked to act as a National Director of Transworld Radio Malawi did not come as a surprise to me. I have always believed that Victor is destined for great things. His humility, hardworking, passion for the work of Christ and his interest in learning new things positioned him for success.

I first heard of Victor on Transworld Radio a few years back. In fact it was him and Cryton Chikoko that inspired me everytime I listened to Transworld. I later learnt that they both have blogs and I have followed, Ndagha, ever since. This is what inspired me to start maintaining blogs. I still have time to listen to Transworld radio and my favourite program is Climbing Higher ( a program that addresses biblical issues affecting young people).

I personally met Victor on 29th December 2007 at Lilongwe Girls Secondary School when he came with Dr. Dixie Maluwa who was preaching at our (St James CCAP) youth camp. Though he was not on the program, he took time to answer a few questions from the young people aspiring to be journalists. I was one of them!!!! He later posted about the youth camp on his blog.

Come February 22, 2010, Victor takes over from Rev. Patrick Semphere as Acting National Director of Transworld Radio Malawi. Congratulations!!!! I also like the way Victor manages to use the new media without losing touch of the traditional media. I wish him a successful stay at the helm of a radio that inspires young people…….