Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We passed through the Blantyre Magistrate’s court.....

Suddenly the music got so loud that we managed to attract the attention of passersby. Everyone stopped. We danced to the various songs that emitted from the huge speakers while we sang along. Some youths broke into loud prayers whilst others had the courage to touch the walls of the courthouse.
That was how things were when we passed through the Blantyre Magistrates Court where the fate of two gays, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza will be decided Nyakwawa UsiwaUsiwa next week. Hundreds of Christian youths from various CCAP congregations in Blantyre City Presbytery marched around the city on Saturday, 27th March.
As believers, future leaders of both the state and the church, we made our position clear on various issues affecting the country and the world through songs, placards and messages. We centered on what the bible says on same sex marriages, immorality, justice, equal rights and many more.

The march was organized by the Youth Steering Committee of CCAP Blantyre City Presbytery and started at Mount Pleasant CCAP to Limbe CCAP through the Highway. The idea was to make noise for Christ, proclaim his greatness and pray for various things happening in the world.