Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Letter to Saulos Chilima

To Saulos Chilima and all Airtel Staff,

I write to express my dissappointment in your service provision in our area. For the past three days we have had no network in the Mulanje Muloza area. An area of around 5KM has not be able to connect to your network since December 24 from around 2pm. This means that we have not been able to make or receive calls, access the internet, send SMS, and even call your customer care service.

The worst thing is that you did not warn us of this network interruption of even acknowledge the problem through any media. You cannot say that you don't know about this problem because it has been happening in the past and your men were coming to repair what breaks down. However this has come at a very akward time when we were supposed to be communicating with friends and relatives over this festive period.

Apart from the fact that we have been affected in our personal issues, a lot of businesses have been affected because of this network. As you are aware Muloza is where Malawi borders with Mozambique and the area in question includes where there are Immigration, Police and Customs offices. As am writing these important offices have been affected in one way or another.

On behalf of thousands of people who have been affected by your poor service, I demand that you apologize to us and restore the network once for all. The world has changed and we cannot live without communicating with the rest of the world so the least we can have is a network that behaves.

Looking forward to hearing from you in either way you deem appropriate.

On behalf of Muloza residents,

Vincent Kumwenda