Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Malawi is sitting on a time bomb, ready to explode

If you care for Malawi, Malawians and people living in it, its time you got on your knees and started praying. Regardless of whatever or whoever you believe in, Malawi needs your prayers.

Malawi is now ready to explode after three years of preparations. All it needs is a small trigger to set the events in motion. Things have reached very critical levels and all indicators of a failed state have been fulfilled. Its really hard to be in Malawi right now.

As i write this post, the only hope we had as Malawians, the independent judicially is not functioning for over a month, there is a looming civil service strike and ugly scene of attacking activists have returned. Its too bad for democracy, if we have any left.

I am writing this post for he first time this year after i was forced to stop writing for two reasons. Towards the end of last year, i was threatened by some people because of what i write on this blog. Two, i was very frustrated by the lack of action by my fellow Malawians. While things are getting worse each passing day we are not concerned an inch. We continue to live life normally as if nothing is happening. We have allowed things to continue getting worse.

I have since decided to take back my pen and paper and write whatever i have to write in this situation because my silence is doing more harm than good. I cant find peace when things get worse and i don't take any part.

But now things are going to the extreme. Am very much afraid and i just pray for the best. We need to do something though am convinced that something will happen very soon, its just a matter of weeks and days....