Friday, April 6, 2012

was at KCH a few minutes after Bingu was brought in

On the morning of Friday 5th April i was informed by a reliable friend that Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika has been taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital Intensive Care Unit. He was reportedly unconscious. I stopped whatever i was doing and went straight to the hospital. i arrived in time to find people being sent out of the ICU and lots of VVIP and VIP government vehicles parked awkwardly at the emergency section of the hospital.

I managed to talk to a certain guy who was chased by a state house security detail when he attempted to help remove a 'patient' from a Land Cruiser Ambulance. He said the way the 3 vehicle convoy arrived at the hospital, the way the 'patient' was moved from the car to the stretcher and the way people were chased in the hospital raised suspicions. The 'patient's' face was hidden, he lay flat on his back and was not showing any movements. Those who were very close suggested that it was the big man himself and this was proven when a flood of govt vehicles started arriving.

Goodall Gondwe was among the first, the likes of Kandodo, Vuwa, Bright Msaka, Mukhito, Peter, Madalitso (Bingu's son) Callista, Christopher Ngwira, Jean kalilani, Willy Samute, Bruce Munthali, came and entered the ICU at different times. Mp for Dowa West, Bauleni Manna came in very late and was seen moving around greeting people and talking frequently on his mobile.

Together with alot of media people including Kondwani Munthali, Rabecca Chimjeka, Joel Nkhoma, we camped outside and saw all the comings and goings, the caucuses that were taking place outside and in corridors. We were not allowed access to that part of the hospital and all the evacuated guardians were outside.

At around 3PM all the senior govt officials we saw, started leaving the place and we geared ourself to see, the President leave but nothing, he was no where to be seen . All the people who left were able to walk on their own and we carefully looked inside every car. The last to leave was Callista and Bingu's daughter wearing sombre faces, Peter and Mada had already left (Mada wore dark glasses to hide his face, Peter had his head down.)

After Callista had left we thought that they are trying to use another exit to take out the President so we split to other exits but there was no sight of Bingu. All the cars had left except the land cruiser ambulance. That's when hospital staff started talking (in low voices). The President has died and his body will be moved to RSA later n the evening for professional embalming before announcements. I tried to personally confirmed with several friends who work at the hospital. People said it was cardiac arrest and they were trying to resuscitate him but it was failing. Some even claimed he was already dead the time he was brought to the hospital

Just like everyone else, I dint want to write it here or on Facebook or on twitter because i waas very afraid and that there was no official word from government.