Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Malawi - Time for strong and united leadership

We are in a crisis. We are going through a very tough economic period. However that is not the only problem rocking the warm heart of Africa. We are a divided nation in many areas. There is hatred among us, self righteousness, tribalism and everyone is concerned about his ideas.

Reports coming from our colleges, football stadiums, social networking sites shows a nation on war with itself. There are demonstrations everywhere. People are demonstrating on petty issues from water shortages to stadium closures.

This calls for a strong leadership. We need a leader to unite all of us. To speak to us with authority and rise above party politics. Politics has divided us very much. We are now identified by our party colors or where we come from.

The economic challenges that we are facing can better be understood if the masses are well communicated. Challenging or defensive tones can only make people lose trust in the leadership. The efforts that the current leadership is putting on economic recovery are well appreciated but they are rather defeated by the positioning for 2014 that almost every politician is doing.

The public is not spared from the lack of direction and inspiration that the leadership is showing. It seems nobody cares! Look at the comments you get from people in the online forums. Insults, angry comments and unpalatable words coming out of respectable people.

Just log in on Facebook, Twitter or Nyasa Times to check the extent of our moral decay. Nothing matters anymore. Honesty, truth and integrity are no longer valued. Lies are broadcast right on our televisions, radio stations and newspapers without remorse.

The institutions which are supposed to preserve our moral integrity are not spared either. Churches are no longer giving us the hope we need. Politics has taken grip of our collar men. If they are not quarreling amongst themselves, then they are offering their wrong and misplaced advice to the politicians.

We need a national healing. We need leadership that can steer the nation to a proper direction. Patriotism can only be encouraged by those who love they country more than their stomachs or their families. We will not be losing money to corruption or giving contracts to our friends and folks.