Friday, September 6, 2013

I am back. Let's start blogging!

I am back on this beautiful blog. It's been quite some time since I gave you an update, analysis or opinion. It's not that there was nothing to write about, but there was too much on my plate.

It's good to be back. Just in time to write about the road to 2014 elections. There is too much to talk about! I have been receiving emails and phone calls to comment on various issues happening around us. I was asked my comment on the ascendancy of Rev. Chakwera to MCP Presidency since I had an opinion that he should stand as an independent. What do i think about #bringAblanket campaign, Agenda for Change and Pursuit for Happiness?

I will try to answer these emails in the next few days. I will also address the concerns of personal in nature which I have been receiving. Some regarding my marital status, my family and my spiritual life.

I hope to be able to write more and more on this blog in the coming days. It's good to be back.