Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cars265, lets you buy cars online, in Malawi

Malawians have been buying cars online for some years now. Despite being too involving and risky, Malawians have been going through the laborious process in order to own their dream cars. It has not been an easy way. Some have lost money along the way, some have received damaged cars or even a different kind from the one they ordered online. Not anymore!

Cars265 is a Malawian owned website that aims to sell old and new cars within Malawi. The website is an easy to use site that shows various types of vehicles on sale. The prices are quoted in Kwacha. According to Dingaan Whayo the Marketing Manager of Cars265, the price shown on the site is the real price of the car. There is no need to pay shipping costs, registration, duty or any hidden costs as the vehicles are already registered. The site uses seven search options including minimum price, body type and location within Malawi.

The coming in of Cars265 follows plans by a Japanese selling company, Beforward, to open an office in Lilongwe to manage he growing market of used cars in Malawi. However this move was no well received by some small scale used car sellers in Malawi. The sellers have been thriving their businesses in importing cars from Japan, Dubai, etc and selling them at higher prices in Malawi.

Over the years Malawians have been importing cars from Japan and Dubai online through companies like Beforward. The cars are delivered the port of Dar es Salaam or Durban. Durban is no longer a popular port since the South African government issued a directive that all in transit imported cars should be ferried on vehicle carriers up to Beitbridge. This pushed the cost of transporting the car from the port.