Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Over the weekend I had time to visit a local hospital, Muloza Health Centre, not that I was sick or knew someone who was sick, but just thought of visiting the place. I was shocked to see the conditions of some patients who have been admitted at the hospital.

I nearly shed tears to see how people are fairing in this part of the country while we are busy living our day to day lives unconcerned with what is happening to them. They were some who are very sick and have no guardians to take care of them, some have guardians but have no food and rely on the hospital ration which is very small and of poor quality.

It is obvious that some people might get diseases in the hospital other than the ones that they came to be treated for. Its really a very sorry situation that these fellow human beings are going through.

In view of these I have decided to adopt several patients, one at a time ( not the Madonna type of adoption). I will be taking care of a patient who has no guardian until he is discharged from the hospital. I will be bringing basic needs to them and will go to another one once they are discharged. I hope this way will help some of these patients who need help from us more than an ever.

God help me to utilise the little resources I get to help these fellow countrymen who will help develop the nation once they get back to the normal way of living. A sick person cannot work therefore he cannot help his family.