Sunday, August 2, 2009


In the past i used to like my portable shortwave and FM radio or used to be on TV simply because i wanted to follow current events. I shifted my attention to the PC until i recently fell in love with Nokia 6070.

When am not reading a Clive Cussler or Tom Clancy novel, then am on a PC browsing some stuff or reading an e-book if not, my Nokia 6070 fills the gap. It has everything i need to satisfy me 24 hours. (My friends are already complaining that am no longer a good company!!)

I set my home page to the iGoogle with my gmail inbox on the top of BBC News, Top Stories (from New York Times, Chicago Tribune,etc), Quotes and Jokes of the day. I don't have to go along way to check my mail which i do every hour. I also have bookmarked over 20 sites which am supposed to check every now and then including, Anannova, Goal, Timve Mag, Malawi World Cup blog, News24, Blue Pulse, Nyasa Times and CNN

My applications folder is full of downloaded stuff that also require my undivided attention. There is a pocket bible which am supposed to read daily, Wattpad (i use it to read books online or offline), Snaptu, words of wisdom, Queep, and Operamini. I don't have space to keep latest music or videos i download them to the PC.

In opera Mini where i spend most of the time, i bookmarked Zain Malawi Web2SMS (for 10 free texts everyday since i have two Sim cards), Facebook Mobile, Flickr (for uploading photos taken by my 6070) Twitpic ( for sharing latest pictures on Twitter), Blogger dashboard (for editing my blog posts, Twitter (for real time updates), Malawi Daily Times and Google Reader.

For the latest current affairs all over the world i subscribed to many RSS Feeds which i read in Google Reader. I get to know events in real time because of these RSS Feeds which include, Reuters, CNN, Stories on Malawi, Clement Nyirenda's blog world , Mashable and Killer Start Ups (for the latest technology news). I also follow most of the media companies on Twitter where they update latest news in real time(pity there is no Malawian media to follow).

The only time i spend on PC is when am updating my blog, checking out some big stuff or pictures of friends on Facebook ( i update my status using Selective Twitter or on Snaptu or even through the Faceebook bookmark on Opera Mini), When i want to download some files or subscribe to RSS Feeds of some websites. I also have time to check news about Malawi from Mablog Blogging Malawi but mainly rely on the many blogs that i subscribed to. I also created a Google alert for Malawi news which sends me an email everytime news about Malawi is written.

Talk of Blackberry, iphone, smartphone or what, my Nokia 6070 is giving me a 24 hour access to global issues. And to access all these i use a reasonable amount of airtime from both Zain Malawi and TNM. Long live Nokia 6070 !!!!