Wednesday, October 14, 2009


She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I thank God that I have one of the finest mothers one can ask for. As we celebrate Mother’s day on 15th October , I salute her for the care, inspiration, guidance, support, direction and everything she has done and still doing for me.

I come from a very complicated family, but mum has managed to raise me, my brothers and a sister to this position. There have been trying and difficult times. Lots of challenges came her way but she managed to sail through . There are moments in life that I felt sorry for her when she had to face situations alone. She had came through all these moments a strong woman ever.

I still remember when she had to sell ‘mandasi’ to help us to go to school. Our father’s income was not enough to take care of us all. My case was the most unique because I had to use transport everyday of my secondary education. Doing my school at Zingwangwa Secondary and travelling from Machinjiri township was no easy task. There are times when I had to wait for the money made from the morning sales to use for the days transport. Mum was always there to make sure that I went to school daily.

She had not done well with school herself but insisted on having us work hard. No wonder her last born will sit for the Malawi Schools Certificate of Education (MSCE) next year while some of us have finished. She used to encourage us that she should be the last person in our family to be poor. Following her word we are all working hard to be in better positions.

As she retires in Chifira Village in Nkhatabay, she deserves all the thanks we, her children, can give. God who rewards hardworking, patience, and faithfullness, has a suitable candidate in my mum. I ask Him to give her long life.

It was not simple to raise a team of six boys and one girl. We played football when she needed us to cook, we made toys when she needed an escort to the maize mill. We could not have known anything about farming if she din’t insist on taking us to the garden in Ndirande. After farming she fetched firewood, vegetables and did other important chores while we rested. I salute my mum, Enna Kumwenda (nee Nduna). Happy Mothers Day!!!!