Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vote for Bamboo Lota !!! – For a better Malawi..

I recently met a group of friends on Twitter who are very passionate about an idea that will help in dealing with deforestation in Malawi. Joanna, Kyson and Stephanie are having an idea of using bamboo to make charcoal instead o the traditional wood charcoal.

Reckless cutting down of trees for charcoal is a big problem in Malawi and statistics indicate that 90% of Malawian households use charcoal everyday. At this time when every one seems to be concerned with climate change, this idea of using bamboo is a welcome development.

Joanna and friends have come up with a business proposal which they have submitted to the Peace Corps' Africa Rural Connect Contest and they need all the support to win seed money to help taking off the project.

All one needs is to click here, sign up and endorse this idea. Three reasons why you should vote for this idea:

1. Bamboo only needs 2 to 3 years to be matured unlike trees which takes a lot more years to be matured and used for charcoal. In this case people can plant bamboo on their land and use it for charcoal afterwards.

2. This project will provide employment for several Malawians who will be part of the team to start it. According to Bamboo Lota, locals will be trained to make charcoal while some will be trained to educate their fellows.

3. Climate change is heavily affecting people all the world, especially in Africa, and projects like Bamboo lota will go a long way in bringing change to the affected areas. They have a gentle impact on the environment unlike the usual way of cutting down trees for charcoal.

You can read more about Bamboo Lota on Joanna’s blog.