Wednesday, June 9, 2010


With the 2010 FIFA World Cup being hosted in African soil for the first time, my church refuses to be left behind. St James C.C.A.P Church fundraising committe has arranged to show all the 64 games live and on a big screen.

This fundraising event will see members and other patrons parting ways with MK150 for the games played in the afternoon while those played in the evening will attract MK350. Drinks and snacks will also be available.

This will give chance to the many church members who love football to watch the games with their families. All along people have been watching the Premier and Champion League games in drinking joints and other secular entertainment places due to lack of christian centred places.

The church's youth centre popularly known as the Vision Centre, has been specifically prepared to accomodate lots of people.

Zodiak Radio has also organised to show the games freely to the rural masses on big screens.