Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How independence day was celebrated in Muloza, Mulanje

There were people everywhere. Clad in their Sunday best clothes, they walked around the streets of the not-so-busy trading centre of Limbuli. With bottles of minerals and beer, they celebrated in a christmas style the 46 years of independence.

Thats how people celebrated Republic day in Muloza a border town in Mulanje. People always look for a reason to celebrate and 6th July gives that reason. As am writing this post there are still parties going on in various houses and people have thronged drinking joints finishing off the celebration.

I had a chat with several people who told me that people here take an example of how republic day and every holiday in neighbouring Mozambique is celebrating. There is alot of merrymaking in days like these and alot of Malawians cross the border to join their neighbours.

Am told families bought rice, chicken and many favourite foods to spice up the day in their homes. It was my first time to see 6th July celebrated in this way.

The main celebrations were held at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe where there was a display of various traditional dances, poetry, speeches, awarding outstanding Malawians in various fields and a football match between Malawi Reserve and Lesotho. Malawi won by a goal scored by Panganani Ndovie.

Happy independence day!!