Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kamuzu Banda had a son?

All this time we have lived to believe that Malawi's first president, Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda was not married and had no children. But 13 years after his death a 37 year old man is claiming to be the son of the former ruler.

Jim Jumani Johansson advertised in Sunday Times that he want to change his name to Emmanuel Masauko Kamuzu Banda because he is the son of the late Kamuzu.

Every patriotic Malawian is keenly following the events as they unfold to solve the mystrey that surrounds the history of the Father and founder of the Malawi nation.

As expected the family is challenging the claims and some have even called Johansson as an impostor but its too early to conclude. a sane person cannot just come and claim to be someone's son.

Malawians have been calling for people who were close to the former President to write books on what they know about Kamuzu's life. For now we keep our fingers crossed and waiting to see how things will progress.

There are fears that Johansson is just here to find a way of taking over Kamuzu's wealth but he has refused this. He says he is ready to go for DNA test to prove his claims.

Johansson was staying and working in Sweden and he claims to have discovered that he is Kamuzu's son a few years ago.