Monday, August 9, 2010

Malawi President reshuffles his cabinet

The Malawi President has reshuffled his cabinet. Here is a list of the new cabinet as announced on MBC TV and various radios:

The State President:
His Excellency Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika
*Commander in Chief: Malawi Defense Force: Malawi Police Service
*The Greenbelt Irrigation Program
*The Nsanje World In-land Port
*Statutory Corporation Policy Direction
*The Civil Service
*The National Food Reserve Agency-NFRA
*The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation-Admarc

The First Lady: Her Excellency Madam Callista Mutharika
*Maternal, Infant and Child Health; Safe Motherhood.

Vice President: Right Honorable Mrs. Joyce Banda
*HIV and Aids Coordination; TB and Malaria Program
*National Relief and Disasters Management


1. Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs: Honorable Nicholas Dausi MP

Government Ministries:

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology:
1. Minister; Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika, MP

2. Deputy; Higher Education; Oteria Moyo Jere, MP

3. Deputy; Primary and Secondary Education; Victor Sarjeni, MP

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
4. Minister; Professor Etta Elizabeth Banda, MP

5. Deputy; Stafford Kamwendo, MP

Ministry of Finance:
6. Minister; Ken Edward Kandodo, MP

7. Deputy; Freza Nkhoma Nihoria, MP

Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security:
8. Minister; Professor Peter Mwanza, MP

9. Deputy; Maggrate Mauwa, MP

Ministry of Justice, Constitutional Affairs:
10. Minister; George Thapatula Chaponda

Ministry of Development Planning and Corporation:
11. Minister; Abbie Malambika Shawa, MP

12. Deputy; Daniel Sipuliyana Liwimbi, MP

Ministry of Transport, Public Infrastructure:
13. Minister; Sidik Mia, MP

14. Deputy; MaCJonesMandala Shawa, MP

Ministry of Irrigation, Water Development:
15. Minister; Richie Biswick Muheya, MP

16. Deputy; Grenenga Msulira Banda, MP

Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development:
17. Minister; Anna Namathanga Kachikho, MP

18. Deputy; Francis Lazaro Kasaira, MP

Ministry of Industry and Trade:
19. Minister; Eunice Kazembe, MP

20. Deputy; Shadreck Jonasi, MP

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:
21. Minister; John Bande, MP

22. Deputy; Billy Kaunda, MP

Ministry of Gender, Child Development and Community Development:
23. Minister; Tereza Gloria Mwale, MP

24. Deputy; Catherine Gotani Hara, MP

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture:
25. Minister; Ken Lipenga, MP

26. Deputy ; Augustine Mtendere, MP

Ministry of Labour:
27. Minister; Yunus Mussa

Ministry of Youth Development and Sports:
28. Minister; Luciuos Grandson Kanyumba, MP

29. Deputy; Charles Mchacha, MP

Ministry of Health
30. Minister ; Professor Daved Kapererera Mphande, MP

31. Deputy; Felton Mulli, MP

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security:
32. Minister; Aaron Sangala, MP

33. Deputy; Annie Lemani, MP

Ministry of National Defense:
34. Minister; Leckford Thotho, MP

Ministry of Information and Civic Education:
35. Minister; Vuwa Simone Kaunda, MP

36. Deputy; Tarsizio Thumi Gowelo, MP

Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment:
37. Minister; Greay Wyson Malunga

38. Deputy; Ephraim Ganda Chiume, MP

Ministry of Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly:
39. Minister; Reen Bessie Kachere,MP

40. Deputy; Chimango Chipimpha Mughogho,MP

Notable names that have been dropped include : Hon. Patricia Kaliati, Hon Goodall Edward Gondwe, Professor Moses Chirambo and Hon. Khumbo Kachali.

Hon. Ken Lipenga and Vuwa Kaunda bounces back into the cabinet while Professor David Mphande is one of the new faces in this cabinet.

The new cabinet will be sworn in on Wednesday at the Sanjika Palace in Blantyre.