Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unfair World

I see them everyday at my work place selling different kinds of things. As young as seven, who can hardly give you the right amount of change, are selling us bananas, cooked maize and sugarcanes. They wake up very early and walk to various areas to sell the things sent by their parents.

Some have even stopped going to school because of various reasons but mainly their parents too poor to take care of them. So they are sent to sell these foods to find their daily needs. I have managed to talk to some of them who narrated very sad stories about their families. Life is unfair.

The word 'unfair world' keeps coming to mind when I see them everyday. I always try to engange them in conversation to hear them out. They all have stories to tell. Even their parents are able to tell me why they send them to the streets. They are convinced that that's the only way.

One example is of a thirteen year old girl called Maggie who has just started selling cooked maize near our office. I talked to her several times. She has just written the Primary School Leaving examinations and in search for money to pay for secondary education, her parents sent her to do business. She seems to like this idea.

But the streets are not a safe place for a 13yr old who has to travel a long distance to her home in the evening. We read in papers of 8yr olds who are raped right in their homes. What more with a 13yr old who is looking money to make ends meet? Life is unfair.

I feel sorry for them everday. I try to help where I can but they just keep coming. You can see it in the way they dress, the food they eat and the life they live.