Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is Nyasa Times still moderating comments?

Of late i have observed with keen interest the comments readers post on Nyasa Times. Alot of them are not supposed to be published if the site knew the damage they can bring to the peaceful nation.

As a democratic country we have freedom to say whatever we can say but we also have a responsibility to control what we are saying. Nyasa Times is becoming popular with many Malawians as it is fond of giving us breaking news. But the comments readers are making are worrying me.

You will find obscene, tribal and unrelated comments. As much as we all need to hear people's views on some topics, people need to control waht they say. It is also the duty of Nyasa Times to moderate debate on their popular site.

A few years ago a comment took time to be published after a reader posted it and you could not find obscene comments. Things have changed over the years. I understand that some of the comments have something to do with lost of trust in the ruling party. But that does not justify insults to the Munthalika family or any other person featured on Nyasa Times.