Thursday, September 23, 2010

Radio Week on Transworld Radio Malawi

From Sunday the 26th of September to Sunday 3rd of October 2010 Trans World Radio (TWR) Malawi will commemorate Radio Week. The purpose of this special week is to raise public awareness of TWR work in order to mobilize increased support in the areas of prayer, finance and practical involvement.  

The theme for the week is "Take Responsibility, TWR belongs to you."

Activities for the Radio Week include:

Special Radio Programs throughout the week.
Church visits: Some TWR representatives will visit Churches on Sundays 26th September, Saturday 2nd and 3rd October 2010.
Talent show which will gather together talented musicians, TWR Drama Group, etc.
Sell of CDs of different programs
Friends-Raising which will include sharing as much info about TWR as possible through all possible channels. 

How can you be involved in Radio Week?

Listen to TWR,

Trans World Radio will run many special programmes giving the listener the chance to know more about the station, the programmes, issues, the people, etc
Listeners will be able to ask any questions about TWR and attempts will be made to answer all the questions. 

Praying for TWR Work in Malawi

Watch out for Radio Week Prayer Point in the morning from Sunday 26th Sept to Sunday 3rd October .
Listeners can arrange their own prayer group to meet and pray daily for the work of TWR guided by these prayer requests.

Trans World Radio Malawi is a local ministry and has to raise most of its finances locally.  Do you want to make one time donation? We need resources for a number of needs like production of programs, maintenance of our transmitters, administration costs and many more.

Churches are asked for special collection on any of the worship days.

Bank Details are: Trans World Radio Special Appeal Account:  0133570253500, Savings Account, National Bank of Malawi, Lilongwe Branch. You can also use Standard Bank 0121205347400, Savings Account, Lilongwe

If you have a testimony of what God has done to you through TWR, you can let us know via sms, email, and fax or simply visit our offices in Lilongwe (Area 3) and Blantyre (in CLAIM Building).

For more details, call 01756642/01 756 644. SMS only on 0888500222 or fax us on 01 751 870. You can also send an e-mail to

Remember its Radio Week for Trans World Radio beginning 26th September 3rd October 2010…..

Be part of this special week!!!

Credit to Victor Kaonga for sharing the information.