Monday, June 18, 2012

Mobile Banking Innovations - FMB Mobile

There is nothing i hate like spending hours and hours in a banking hall waiting to transfer money or to simply deposit cash. That's why i have always liked to use my mobile phone in making these transactions. In my quest to find the best bank which has an easy to use and user friendly mobile banking innovation, i have come across the FMB Mobile.

I opened a savings account at Limbe Leaf Tobacco company in Kanengo last week through one Direct Sales Agent, Queen Molande. I had gone to work on a machine at the Auction Floors so i happened to have 10 minutes to spare. Those ten minutes were enough to open an account and register to probably one of the best mobile banking innovation, FMB Mobile.

What is FMB Mobile?

FMB Mobile is a convenient way of accessing your FMB bank account using your mobile phone. You can easily manage your account from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else through your mobile phone. Registration is simple, fast and free.

I registered and got confirmation in one day!

With FMB Mobile you manage your FMB Fast Account, FMB First Cash or Makwacha Account with your mobile phone for services like your account balance, mini statements, money transfers, bill payment or airtime top-up for your phone or any other phone. All that 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. You only have to visit any FMB Branch or agency if you wish to make a deposit into your account. People can even credit your account from their own FMB Account using FMB Mobile.

Key FMB Mobile services

-Balance inquiry

-Mini statement(Your last four transaction will be displayed on your phone or sent as an SMS to your phone).

-Mobile airtime top-up ( you can instantly top-up units for your own or other mobile phones (available to TNM and Airtel networks).

-Bill payments (Water and Electricity Bills)

-DSTV Subscribtion

- Money Transfer
From any other of your FMB accounts.
FMB accounts of others; you can even pay a shop owner or taxi driver who will get an SMS that you have paid!

Remittance (Ziri M’manja)

Another special mention should to go this great innovation!

With this service, one can transfer money to anyone, anytime, anywhere in Malawi even to those who do not have a bank account. All they do is receiving an sms with some digits which can be used to withdraw money on an ATM even without an ATM card!

FMB Mobile registration is absolutely free and the service fees are charged to the account and not the mobile phone. Meaning that you can still access FMB Mobile even when your cellphone has not credit!

You can get more information from their website.