Friday, June 17, 2011

THE DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD – dedicated to my best friend

As the world was commemorating the day of an African child on 16th June, I dedicated the day to one of my best friends who is going through tough times in life. My friend, a 19 year old girl got pregnant over 10 months ago while at a boarding school and as it is usually the case, she was chased from her home. She has lived a very sad life until she delivered on 20th May 2011.

As a best friend I came in to help when things got of hand to the extent that she had to come and stay at my place with a week old kid. Together with my brother and other friends we managed to convince the father of the daughter to take her back to his home.

This is one of the challenges that most young people are facing in Africa. I believe that as I write about my friend, Chifundo, many other youths in various parts of the continent are facing similar challenges. Everyone makes mistakes but it is the way we treat our kids afterwards that determines their destinies. Fundo told me of how she has lived the past months and how many times she had thought of taking away her life. Without proper guidance and direction these kids can do things we will all regret.