Friday, June 10, 2011

Now in Blantyre

I have had no time to write to you about my moving to Blantyre after staying two years in Mulanje. By the grace of God I managed to change departments in the same company I have been working. Am now working on something more technical and it involves the very area I am specialized in. Apart from the fact that am staying full time in Blantyre, this challenge also involves travelling a lot in the southern region of Malawi. This is one of the reasons why I had no time to write to you. I hardly had time to update the blog.

A lot of things have changed since I last stayed in this beautiful city and am trying to adjust very fast to life here. That is a biggest problem to people who have stayed a long time in remote areas. One is forced to adjust to life in the city which is cruising at the speed of light. I thank God that I still have friends who we still used to communicate while I was away and they have welcomed me very well. The most challenging fact is that I had a lot of time to spare when I was in Mulanje but it is different here. They say time is money and a wise person has to save both.

The other fact that prevented me from updating the blog regularly is the changing of the political landscape in Malawi. Things have changed and there is a lot of spying going on the internet. Every thing we say against the current leadership is interpreted wrongly by the spin doctors. That’s why I have to be careful with what I write on my beloved platform. Otherwise I will continue telling you what is happening in my Malawi and what my opinions are on various things.

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. Please visit again.