Friday, June 3, 2011

Malawians: Tough times ahead!

Dear Malawians,

I hope this message gets you in time to get ready for the tough times that will follow. If you belong to any church, mosque or synagogue that encourages people to seek help from a greater power, do so now before it is too late. It doesn’t matter if it’s God, Allah, Buddha or Chisumphi. What matters is the help we can get as soon as possible. I don’t want to impose my belief on you that’s why I am encouraging you to pray in the name of whoever you pray to.

The past few months have been very challenging for an average Malawian and more of these challenges, if not worse, are coming our way. Our beloved country is fast becoming a hard place to live in full view of all its citizens. The love for my dear country has prompted me to write you this letter so that we can do something together.


Our beautiful country is now at the mercy of a few people who think are more Malawian than all of us. They are controlling everything that shapes the future of our beloved country. Yes we trusted them to LEAD us when we went to the polls a few years ago. We gave them the mandate to LEAD us and develop this country TOGETHER. Now that they have assumed power, they are controlling everything that matters at the expense of millions of Malawians who are suffering out there. They decide what they want us to eat, hear, read, believe and even see. We are being insulted left, right and centre in our own country. Yes we may be stupid, unemployable and drunkards but we are legitimate Malawians. We have a say in what happens in OUR country.

As I write this letter, a zero deficit budget is being presented in Parliament. Am not sure if my economics knowledge is worth sharing in public, but the fact that we will run the budget with less donor support makes me and many other Malawians worry. This means more and more taxes...........

(This letter can go on and on and any patriotic Malawian can finish it…you can write a chapter on any of this, fuel and forex, academic freedom, press freedom, economics, NGOs, Church/State relationship, opposition,... But am afraid because things have changed. This very truth am writing can land me into trouble, please pray for our beloved country)


This crop of leaders will not be here forever. They are going to phase out soon than you think and a new crop will take over. Our generation looks promising. We are more united, knowledgeable and think critically. Given a chance we will lead Malawi to greater heights…….