Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Malawi Fuel Watch Group on Facebook

The fuel crisis in Malawi has reached very critical moments and there seems to be no end to it. Its hard to know which filling station has diesel or petrol and motorists and other fuel users are forced to drive long distances in search of the precious commodity only to find that it is not there.

However some Malawians, Fredrick Bvalani and Kondwanie Chirembo have created a group on Facebook on which members are updating each other on where to find petrol or diesel in the country's cities. The group called Malawi Fuel Watch  currently has 670 members and it is still growing. So far updates posted on the group's wall are very accurate and are helping people to buy fuel in time and at the right filling stations.

Some members have even confessed that they check the updates on the group first before starting off to buy fuel. There are some instances when people who have access to distribution lists of the petroleum companies are posting them on the wall Like one user posted a distribution list for the whole country which proved to be accurate.

Below is a sample of the groups wall:

So next time you run out of fuel, check the group.