Thursday, July 7, 2011

wont write anything about independence day

I brought my pen and paper at the filling station (where am queuing for fuel) hoping to write a paragraph or two on the 47 years of independence but i just cant. Am in no celebration mood so i will not write anything. I will not tell of the mood of the people here at the filling station. A long time ago just after independence people queued on this day to see the then leader going to the stadium but now we are queuing on the same day for fuel.

I will not write about the main celebrations that took place at the Mzuzu Stadium simply because it doesn't make sense to me any more. Self rule is very important but it doesn't mean a thing when colonialism just changes hands. We are not ruling ourselves but rather we have been colonised by our own brothers. I just cant write about how difficult it has become to make ends meet in our country which is celebrating 47 years of self rule.

I will ignore the desire to write about the absence of our British brothers at the celebrations in Mzuzu. For the first time as long as my memory can carry me, they didn't even bother to send congratulatory messages. For 47 years they stood by us through thick and thin but we all of a sudden had the strength to send them packing. Despite being our colonial masters, history records that they were there when the union jack was being lowered in 1964 paving way for the new Malawi flag. They have been part of us since then.

I will not waste my blog space to talk about the achievements people are bragging about. Enough coverage has been given to them. I'd rather pack up my paper and pen and wait for another day to write about the poverty people are experiencing in the country.